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Rectification of the ninth round of inspections have been open in Liaoning, check nest case – China Network yesterday, the official website of the Commission opened a column, will be announced in the eighteen round of the central inspection and rectification of the ninth round. Liaoning, the National Office of aging, the national development and Reform Commission, the national energy board, the SASAC 5 units were inspected yesterday announced the rectification. Liaoning thorough investigation of canvassing bribery buying and selling inspection rectification in Liaoning province showed strong to carry out special rectification culture circles and cliques, strengthen the education of cadres, selection and management supervision, serious remediation culture circles, and resolutely investigate and deal with cliques, Siemens, digging to find the relationship between other disciplinary cases. Strong to carry out sick promoted, illegal employment and other issues of special rectification. On that feedback and the party’s investigation since eighteen sick promoted the process of selecting and appointing cadres to carry out the investigations, seriously investigate the responsibility of the responsible person. Seriously investigate canvassing bribery, buying and selling of illegal cases. Actively cooperate with the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of Wang Min, Su Hongzhang, serious disciplinary problems of the investigation of the case of the investigation of the case of the Central Committee for Discipline Inspection of the State Council of the people’s Republic of China. Organized on canvassing bribery case investigation. Currently, Wang Min, Su Hongzhang, the Central Discipline Inspection Commission of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission has been informed of the serious problems have been notified of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission (). According to the Liaoning Woan Chuanan multiple, renamed the whole, at present, has been on the central inspection group pointed out several problems were investigated again. Zhang Jiacheng, Zhang Xiaopu and other cases involving bribery buying and personnel re sort, not to have a court judgment processing Xiaopu case and not in place of bribery buying and personnel organization, put forward opinions according to the provisions. The provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial court and Dalian, Anshan and Chaoyang City, earnestly learn lessons, focus on canvassing bribery, cliques, illegal employment and other issues to carry out special rectification, investigate issues related to serious, replicability, correction and construction, and resolutely put an end to this problem. The national office on aging, prevent selling card charges happen again on "lack of management subordinate units and social organizations, many units of" selling card "charges, with the following letter take office on aging public interests", the national office on aging rectification briefing, held several meetings, thematic deployment of "selling" brand the charge of rectification work, to prevent the emergence of new selling card fees, ordered relevant units and social organizations to conduct a comprehensive self-examination of the projects have been undertaken to formulate rectification plan and detailed measures. Currently, the units are in accordance with the list of issues to carry out rectification work. The illegal problems need to be further ascertained after verification according to discipline in accordance with regulations processing. In addition, the National Office of the elderly to do all the work of the construction of intelligent pension experimental base, as well as the relevant policy documents were evaluated and look back". Strengthen supervision and inspection of selling card charges, in the basis of all stop selling card fees, has been built on the intelligent experimental base and the old pension talent base project each verification, according to the law properly. To have signed an agreement of the smart pension demonstration base cooperation projects, the performance of the obligations of the contract should be seriously fulfilled; the termination of the timely termination. Strictly limit the scope of business activities beyond the scope of protection, to prevent the licensing fees.相关的主题文章: