Real security shell can only emergency listed companies to curb off real to virtual impulse

Real security shell can only emergency listed companies to curb off real to virtual impulse sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you find the Securities Times reporter Yu Shengliang *ST Nanjing B yesterday announced the sale of Beijing two houses you, the media interpreted as selling real security shell. The decline of manufacturing industry, the real estate boom singular perfect presentation, in this news, greatly stimulated the public nerve. Two houses will be able to solve the problem of a listed company shell, such a house worth more? *ST Ning Tong B located in Beijing, these two suites can sell about 20000000 yuan, the value of 16 times, no wonder some people can not buy a lot of listed companies a year net profit can not buy a suite. As a listed company, a production line, there are factories, suppliers, so many people work hard struggle, all the year round without profit loss, need to rely on to sell the house to the days keep this scene to want to feel sad. Listed companies have always been considered tall on the shell is not worth a lot of money. Now the shell does not create asset returns for shareholders, rather than return to the real estate firm, then the shell for what? No wonder some people commented that the shell should be sold affordable housing. If you sell the property and protect the shell from the point of view, the news brought about by the stimulus is much smaller, it is easy to understand more. 10 years ago, of course, no one can think of Beijing prices will rise to such an extent, otherwise only in Beijing investment property on the line. China’s economic growth has been several times, the money and per capita income has increased a lot, Beijing has a unique political, educational, cultural, health resources, real estate funds sought after by the country is not surprising. Not only Beijing, China’s first tier cities have gone up a lot of times. Relatively speaking, industrial production capacity may be phased scarcity, but it is easy to become scarce through expansion. China is now manufacturing overcapacity, there are a lot of manufacturing industry trying to shift out of China, not only foreign capital, some of the Chinese capital is also the transfer of production capacity. Most industries have a rise and fall period, some industry simply be out of the market, and the company because of poor management and setbacks, these are often encountered, but people tend to the listed companies have higher requirements, requirements and annual earnings growth, from time to time point of black technology invention". A small number of listed companies can do this, most of them have a decline, as well as part of the business is not good. If a listed company encountered difficulties, adjust surplus and deficiency is a normal phenomenon, like ordinary people usually meet the urgent affairs for the same emergency savings. Continuous losses need to protect the shell, of course, is an emergency. If you run out of savings, think of something else. From the perspective of shareholder returns, many listed companies do not have a high return on investment, can not exaggerate the significance of the house. Of course, to buy a house on the place, the majority of people to buy a house in the three or four line of the city, in fact, the return is not high. But the listed companies in the production, in the creation of social benefits, employment, pay taxes, so that the upper and lower reaches of money. *ST Ning B 8 quarter of the last 10 quarters of losses in the first half of this year, a loss of 200相关的主题文章: