Real estate companies to distribute real estate advertising to open the 400 thousand largest ticket

The real estate company with a small estate advertising management 400 thousand largest ticket (Figure) – Beijing Beijing, a Real Estate Company in Chang’an Avenue along the sporadic small advertising sales of real estate, after the City Urban Management Bureau law enforcement corps days Dunshou finally found its storage warehouse and seized a small advertising, has not yet been issued more than 16 pieces of small ads. According to regulations, the Real Estate Company was eventually sentenced to 400 thousand yuan penalty, which is so far, the Beijing urban management law enforcement agencies to make the highest penalties for illegal small advertising cases. The past two years, urban management and other relevant law enforcement departments to strengthen the management of small ads in Beijing, in the city’s main roads and key points of small advertising problems have been effectively curbed. Since this year, as of the end of August, the law enforcement departments for 3763 penalties for illegal small ads, an increase of 28.39%. Evidence someone sent a small estate advertising area Dunshou forensics in early June this year, the Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau received a report in Shijingshan District Shijingshan Road, the people gathered sporadic small ads. According to the Beijing Municipal Urban Management Bureau law enforcement corps Geng Shuo, Shijingshan road to Chang’an Avenue extension line, key area belongs to a small advertising governance, after receiving the report, the Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau law enforcement corps immediately sent to the scene investigation. When the inspectors arrived at the site to be reported, found a small advertising staff distributed about a dozen people, a small advertising is a real estate near. The distribution of personnel every day to use the time to work, even to the main road for the delivery of vehicles, a serious impact on traffic safety and surrounding environment. Due to the high vigilance of sporadic personnel, law enforcement vehicles and law enforcement personnel, they fled, thereafter, law enforcement officers decided to casual evidence. Law enforcement officers are divided into several groups, dark in the shadows of the illegal evidence making sporadic small ads. "We will be in the vicinity of the upstairs squatting, also in the vicinity of the site, is undercover. In June the weather is very hot, you can not move at least half a squat." Dunshou, law enforcement corps peak more than and 10 people have found that the sale of promotional materials, issuing personnel alert, if any person found after repeated, will temporarily stop issuing. In the street release of evidence, law enforcement personnel according to the brochure on the address and telephone number, the identity of the buyers to someone’s estate forensics. We sent a group of people take turns to evidence, as well as couples, the identity of the property buyers gradually found evidence." Geng Shuo, on the way to the evidence, relevant players are familiar with the advance of the surrounding real estate, there is no complete set, even without supporting the school district room, he said: "it is for real, or a chat away." In a forensics, to the development of new printed advertisements sent to a number of real estate advertising, consistent with the street release, players in the consulting projects at the same time attention, to confirm the location and number of small advertising storage. Geng Shuo said: "if you just check these small ads on the street is very easy, but had left foot and will change, so must evidence, will pull together dens." Seized 4 pickup trucks loaded with 160 thousand small ads in June 16th, after obtaining sufficient evidence, the city management arts相关的主题文章: