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Qin Hui: how to be a qualified left and right faction in China since the Opium War, China began to open its doors to the world, in this process, the body of the dispute has become the key to correct political options. Today, China is still in the transformation of modernization, the comparison between China and the west is a regular topic of transformation. Where is the difference between China and the west? How to look at the value of the west? How to be a qualified left and right in China? Recently, the famous scholar Qin Hui made his own interpretation. This is a series of three, as one of the "Chinese and western in the consciousness of the problem, rather than the value of" second "in the late Qing Dynasty, a group of" Bi Fujian ". The least government is the best government? In the communication between China and Western countries, we should pay attention to the problem, but not the values. There are differences between Chinese and western problem consciousness, which can lead to great misunderstanding. Problem consciousness and values. For example, we all have the values of freedom, but in the fight for freedom, they face different problems. Before the Chinese people are not satisfied with marriage, the problem is to fight for freedom from their parents. So in the 54 era, a lot of people think that the father against the mother on behalf of the liberation of personality, which is a problem consciousness. Even if the values are the same, different environments and conditions lead to differences in problem consciousness. There are two major errors in the communication between China and the West. One is that the values are different for the reason that we want to be separated from the values of the west, and the other is to ignore the differences in the sense of the problem, and to regard the problems of the West as our problems. There are a lot of people talking about the left and right, people often say that the left big government, such as the Western leftists enjoy the welfare state; the right, such as liberal, love the government off. There is a famous saying that the government is the best government. The United States Jefferson thought a founding father of a country, he now left and right have great influence, and both the left and the right love quotes his works. There is a long debate in the history of American thought that Jefferson is left or right. It has been said that "the government with the least control is the best government," said Jefferson, and even the Western authority, the Encyclopedia britannica. This famous influenced generations of Americans, but Jefferson said that the source of this sentence has not been found. Later found that the first to say this sentence is actually John · ou Sullivan, a Jie powder, he often put their point of view as a. In 1837, he published an article in the American Journal of democratic review, saying Jefferson said the best government is the government with the least work, so it has been handed down. As far as I know, this research in the United States did not refute. However, whether Jefferson has said this is one thing, and that the idea of a small government is another matter. Some people say he has, and for example, he served as ambassador in Philadelphia to the domestic debate, wrote many letters, some say Europe does not have a government is good stuff, whether it is the French revolution established the revolutionary government or traditional Dynasty government. It is also said that the life of the Europeans in these countries is unfortunate, not as good as the American Indians, and the American Indians are not the original state of the government. These words seem to illustrate Jie相关的主题文章: