Pro Green institutions poll Cai Yingwen popularity plunged 18% and no signs

Pro Green institutions poll: Cai Yingwen popularity plunged 18% and no signs stabilized the original title: Cai Yingwen’s reputation: don’t try to fall 18% next time will be off when compared to the Cai Yingwen poll. (source: "the Taiwan times" Chinese) China Taiwan network August 30th news according to the "Taiwan times" reported Chinese, the leaders of the Taiwan region Cai Yingwen ruling over a hundred days, Pro Green Taiwan public opinion foundation announced the 29 polls, and "520" just took office in Cai Yingwen’s reputation fell nearly 18 percentage points, and there is no sign. People on the overall performance of the CAI authorities only 61.28 points, barely passing. Dong Taiwan public opinion foundation thing long swim bluntly Cai Yingwen honeymoon period is coming to an end". According to reports, the ruling authorities Cai hundred days, the media have announced a poll, the results are quite consistent, whether it is Cai Yingwen or the support of the new authorities have dropped sharply. Color green Taiwan public opinion foundation, the poll results released yesterday are roughly the same. In terms of Cai Yingwen’s reputation, the foundation has taken the United States to measure the popularity of the president of the United States of America, asked the question, "do you agree with her way of dealing with big things, including the important personnel arrangements and policies?" -" The results showed that 10.3% of people agree that 42% still agree, 23% disagree with, 10.2% didn’t agree, and another 14.6% people said "do not know", 52% people affirmed Cai Yingwen, 33% of the people not to regard it as right. Tour Yinglong said, although Cai Yingwen still won the majority of the public support, but compared to just took office 3 months ago, Cai Yingwen’s reputation declined by 17.6 percentage points, and do not agree with her handling of the Taiwan government’s significant increase of 24.4 percentage points. Compared with the newly elected in May, the number of people who agreed with it was reduced by 11 percentage points, and the number of people who didn’t agree with it increased by a factor of 8.5. Tour Yinglong said that in the past 3 months, Cai Yingwen’s reputation rapid decline, more than 3 million people, Cai Yingwen is no longer on the way of handling affairs, especially major personnel arrangement and policy expressed recognition and support. And there is no sign of a marked decline in Cai Yingwen’s popularity. Travel Yinglong analysis, the key is to poll a substantial decline in important neutral voters. The past two public opinion polls have been slowly returning, coupled with the vast majority of neutral voters dissatisfied with the policy of the new authorities, resulting in a decline in popularity. As for the overall performance of the CAI authorities, the people of Taiwan? The answer is 61.28 points, 31% of people think that the government failed in the performance of the policy, there are more than 66% people pass the score, but the maximum number of people playing the 60 points. You think Yinglong, this seems to be in the public response to new authorities to convey a message, "do not work, the next may fail." (Taiwan China Lining) source: editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: