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Pregnant tourists in the uncompleted housing was "red urine cable million fee" – Sohu news October 3rd, the mouth of Zhen Bei Da Ying pasture, quickly out of the police after the police received 110 orders. That said, the day at 1:20 in the afternoon, the police station received 110 orders quickly out of the police. The police arrived at the scene to the parties to verify the situation, the police repeatedly asked yang to publicize relevant laws, the intention that Sichuan Ji tourists left the scene, but the two sides have been deadlocked, Yang and several villagers always don’t let these tourists leave from Sichuan. After the village committee, the police called Yang Yang father and friends to do the work of the private, and the parties agree, tourists pay 3200.6 yuan as a "red fee". The note also said that the incident, the police arrived at the scene to understand the situation, timely control of the scene, the two sides did not act aggressively, to avoid causing mass incidents. To publicize relevant laws and regulations seriously, and seek the views of the parties, the parties are willing to settle for economic compensation, the police in the parties put forward red fees to solve forced no matter in the process. October 14th at 3 in the afternoon, the relevant person in charge of the town police station to surging news confirmed that the above description is true. The day after the incident, the police rushed to the scene to verify the situation, legal advocacy, the local villagers have the custom of respecting local customs, police and villagers in law enforcement, through negotiation and mediation, ensure the safety of tourists leave.相关的主题文章: