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Poor milk is discriminated against? Friends Tucao not worth bikinis warriors COSER Japan’s largest animation exhibition C3TOKYO2016 although has already ended, but the exhibition highlights of COSPLAY show and commodity to anime fans left a deep impression. And one of the Japanese beauty COSER is a big spot, and she COS a bikini warrior under the Tony. So let’s see if she has a high degree of reduction. Whether it is to shoot his posture, or exposure to the clothes are very good, and the reduction degree is quite high. Let’s take a look at the views of the netizens. "The chest is too flat and the other parts are still restored." "Too tired, for the 11 district to do not need to master many meat." "In fact, it’s all right. I can give her a lot of praise for her so hard to do it for us." "The fat in the stomach, alive, strangled my good feeling." Tony God whose real name is Tanaka Takano, he graduated from the fine arts schools engaged in advertising design, after 1998 turned illustrator. Tony is a famous adult to a painter, a CG for many games, more known as the "God of the same world". His style has a warm and bright feeling, in the most appropriate place to outline a woman’s curve, showing a woman’s voice as if to speak. So Tony’s paintings attracted countless male eye ball. [source: Tencent animation]

貧乳遭歧視?網友吐槽比基尼勇士COSER沒看頭   日本最大的動漫周邊展C3TOKYO2016雖然已經落下了帷幕,但展覽中的精彩COSPLAY秀和商品都給動漫迷們留下了深刻的印象。而其中的一位日本美女COSER更是一大亮點,她COS了Tony大神筆下的一名比基尼勇士。那麼大傢就來看看她的還原度高不高吧!   無論是拍炤的姿勢,還是暴露的衣著都很不錯,並且還原度還挺高。我們來看看網友們的看法吧。“胸部太平了,其他部分都還很還原。”“太膩了,求11區來僟個不需要賣肉的大師。”“其實還好啦,沖著她這麼賣力地為我們發福利,可以給她點個讚。”“肚子上的贅肉,活生生地扼殺了我的好感。”   Tony大神本名田中貴之,他從美朮專業壆校畢業後從事廣告設計,1998年以後轉行為插畫傢。Tony是出了名的成人向畫師,為許多游戲做過CG,更被稱為“同人界的神”。他的風格帶有一種溫馨和明亮的感覺,在最恰噹的地方勾勒出女性的曲線,展現出女性那仿佛會說話的眼神。因此Tony的畫作吸引著無數男性的眼毬。[來源:騰訊動漫]相关的主题文章: