Play ugly zero points boast westward journey 3 Stephen Chow can not save (video)

The drama is ugly: zero points "big journey to the west 3" Stephen Chow can not save Han Geng not cry, Stephen Chow can not save "boast westward journey 3" in the end how rotten! The up arrow up arrow up arrow up arrow up arrow up arrow up arrow up arrow up arrow arrow Zhejiang entertainment original video "drama ugly" this video length: 3 minutes and 27 seconds in the period of "ugly" drama, drama MAN and everyone to chat 0 movie "westward journey 3". It is said that Han Geng and Tang Yan two people on the kind of enough to make the audience plug in binocular skills aura, so that everyone looked crying…… Do not play comedy, do not play ah, are you all monkeys invited funny ratio? In fact, the "westward journey 3" and Sun Wukong did what, although they do not see the difference a shortsighted and good-for-nothing person six ear macaque and monkey MAN in the movie but admit drama, Bodhisattva were also writers write you blind? Also, he, your son (though not your son) Haier grab the hot wheels next door to Na Zha, you are not afraid of Li Jing come to the tota kings?…… If you want to count the "westward journey 3" slot point, the drama MAN can be divided into two parts, one hundred back, say last three days and three nights. More exciting, or please click to watch video up together Tucao. Profile: "ugly" is a Tencent of Zhejiang drama entertainment and film critic & disciples; hot drama short video review column DJ Taole team jointly produced the well-known radio, every Friday on the line. Give me 3 minutes, "the ugly play, we’ll make you laugh."". For more information, please click on the home page of Zhejiang Zhejiang entertainment channel

剧难看:零分《大话西游3》 周星驰都拯救不了 韩庚不哭,周星驰都拯救不了的《大话西游3》到底有多烂! ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑大浙文娱原创视频《剧难看》 本期视频时长:3分27秒本期《剧难看》,剧MAN和大家来聊一聊0分电影《大话西游3》。 据说,韩庚和唐嫣两个人身上散发的那种足以令观众自插双目的技能光环,让所有人都看哭了……不会演喜剧就别演啊,难道你们都是猴子请来的逗比吗?其实这部《大话西游3》和孙悟空也没什么关系,虽然剧MAN承认自己肉眼凡胎看不出六耳猕猴和普通monkey的区别,但电影里观世音菩萨也一同被编剧你写瞎了吗?还有,牛魔王,你儿子(虽然也不是你儿子)红孩儿抢了隔壁家哪吒的风火轮,你就不怕托塔天王李靖找上门来吗?……如果真要细数《大话西游3》的槽点,剧MAN大概可以分成上下两部共一百回,说上个三天三夜啊。更多精彩,还是请各位点击观看视频↑一同吐槽吧。栏目介绍:《剧难看》是腾讯大浙文娱与影评人门徒&知名电台DJ陶乐团队共同出品的热剧评论短视频栏目,每周五上线。给我3分钟,“再难看的剧,我们都要让你笑出声来”。了解更多资讯,请点击大浙网 文娱频道首页相关的主题文章: