Paintings of children in Libya living in bombing and fear of is (Figure) – Sohu news-vy canis majoris

Libya children’s paintings: living in fear of bombing and IS (Figure) – Sohu news insomnia is a common theme of the school was the tank attack, the children cry [global network reported intern reporter Du Xiaodan] according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on February 17th, by a group of Syria school-age children drawing out the children living in fear a car bomb attack, shooting and fear of violence, the paintings show the pain of reality through the eyes of a child. Reported that these heartbreaking pictures first published in the "International Financial Times" (IBT), made by the 10 and 11 year old children, these children from Syria’s second largest city of Benghazi (Benghaz), is to escape from the conflict between government forces and pro Islamic rebel refugees. In these paintings, insomnia is a common theme, and one of the children’s paintings shows how she suffers from fear of tanks, bombs, missiles and guns. "I slept in bed and woke up with a huge explosion. I woke up at 12 in the three… I wake up… I woke up and felt very afraid, mother sat on the chair beside my can’t sleep". The child’s teacher said, children in a violent environment, the school also forced relocation and due to nearby fighting off. The teacher of IBT said, "the children have been talking about the bullets, bombs and guns, but they are very good, when the plane came and they are not afraid of weeping". Reported that the war began 5 years ago, the children more than half of the time to live in the war, their knowledge of different weapons is obvious. Tanks, helicopters, missiles and rockets mounted behind the trucks were described in detail.

利比亚儿童画作:生活在轰炸和对IS恐惧中(图)-搜狐新闻 失眠是常见的主题 学校被坦克攻击,孩子们哭泣   【环球网报道 实习记者 杜晓丹】据英国《每日邮报》2月17日报道,一组由叙利亚学龄儿童画的图画道出孩子们生活在恐袭、枪击和汽车炸弹的恐惧中,画作通过孩子的眼睛展示了暴力肆虐的痛苦现实。   报道称,这些令人心碎的图画首先发表在《国际财经时报》(IBT)上,由10岁和11岁的孩子所作,这些孩子来自叙利亚第二大城市班加西(Benghaz),是逃离亲政府武装和伊斯兰反政府武装之间冲突的难民。   在这些画作里,失眠是常见的主题,其中一个孩子的画作里显示了她如何饱受来自坦克、炸弹、导弹和枪支的恐惧。“我在床上睡觉,被巨大的爆炸声惊醒。我又在12点醒了…我在三点醒来…我醒了,觉得很害怕,妈妈坐在旁边的椅子上,我睡不着”。   孩子的老师称,孩子们处于暴力环境里,学校也被迫迁址并由于附近的激战关闭。老师对IBT称,“孩子们一直谈论子弹、炸弹和枪,但他们很乖,当飞机来的时候他们不害怕也不哭”。   报道称,战争开始于5年前,孩子们过半的时间生活在战争中,他们对于不同武器的知识显而易见。坦克、直升机、导弹及安装在卡车后面的火箭弹都描绘的很详尽。相关的主题文章: