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Sichuan 9 high-speed work today, look after your hometown Sichuan expressway project focused on groundbreaking ceremony (He Haiyang photography) Sichuan online news (reporter Wang Meiling) the new upsurge of Sichuan high-speed construction of youxian! September 19th, Sichuan 9 highway project focused mobilization activities in Chengdu and other places held simultaneously in five. In addition to the 9 high-speed started today, was started in August 2, respectively, into Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Expressway Peng high-speed expansion; before the end of the year will start 2 projects, respectively, to Rongchang G8515 Luzhou (Sichuan territory) highway, G0511 line Deyang to Dujiangyan expressway. Thus, in 2016 the province highway plans to start 13 projects, the total mileage of 1164 km, a total investment of 168 billion 800 million yuan, involving 12 city, 4 city groups, the 5 major economic zones (state), in recent years began to focus on most of the time. Reporters from today’s ceremony was informed that this year, Bazhong via Guang’an to Chongqing (Sichuan Chongqing circle), Xuyong to Gulin, Chongqing and other projects will be built into an opening, the new mileage of more than 500 kilometers, the province’s total highway mileage over 6500 km. By the end of 2020, the province’s highway mileage of more than 8000 km, built and built mileage of up to 10000 km, built into the highway exit and exit channel of the 24, the basic form of the province’s highway network. 9 projects, the focus of construction mobilization are: Chengdu three around Pujiang to Dujiangyan route map of Chengdu three around Pujiang to Dujiangyan Duan Tianhua hub renderings road Chengdu Economic Zone in Deyang to Jianyang route map of Chengdu three around Deyang to Jianyang North Duan Deyang hub — Chengdu Economic Zone link (commonly known as "Chengdu around three") high-speed Pujiang to Dujiangyan section (101 km, a total investment of 17 billion 300 million yuan), Deyang to Jianyang section (105 km, a total investment of 13 billion 400 million yuan) two projects, with the Jianyang to Pujiang section in the construction of the Dujiangyan section of Deyang and will soon start construction, constitute the economic zone of Chengdu Ring Expressway, to further improve the network of intercity traffic in Chengdu plain city group, to consolidate the western integrated hub, accelerate the development of power Chengdu economic zone. August has started 2 projects, namely: Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Expressway opening ceremony of Longquan mountain tunnel renderings — Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Expressway (89 km, a total investment of 18 billion yuan) in our province is the first to adopt a two-way 8 lane highway construction technology standard, is an important part of comprehensive transportation system of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport. The completion of the project will accelerate the formation of Tianfu International Airport passenger and freight transportation system, effectively enhance the Tianfu international airport service capacity and transport efficiency, consolidate the comprehensive transportation hub in Western China in our province. The Tianfu International Airport and Chengdu city centre, Tianfu Shuangliu International Airport, half an hour traffic circle, further development of service the airport economic zone and Tianfu Tianfu international airport. Peng Cheng high-speed exchange effect diagram – Dafeng Peng Cheng high-speed expansion (18 kilometers, a total investment of 2 billion 200 million yuan) is the center of Chengdu city north end相关的主题文章:

World internet conference focused on the Internet industry goodbye subsidies, hello efficiency – Soh-polartec

The Internet world conference focused on the Internet industry: Goodbye Hello – Sohu subsidies, efficiency of technology to BAT as the representative of the Internet consumption dividend in slowly fade, and to enhance the efficiency of traditional industries, the Internet technology as the representative of the Internet industry began to radiate new vitality. November 16th – 18, Third World Internet Conference held as scheduled, the development of thousands of Internet cafes, venture capital people and business elite gathered in Wuzhen to explore the internet. 17, management of land and the fair hosted by the dark horse, the Internet business district government of Yuhang Light Industry Forum over the same period. The same day, the 2017 China’s first Internet industry innovation and entrepreneurship contest was officially launched. Yuhang District vice mayor Huang Hongzhan, entrepreneurs horse chairman Niu Wenwen, fortune venture partner Fu Zhonghong, steel founder Wang Dong, space founder Hu Zhenyu, Yijia life founder Pan Dingguo, 000 technology founder Wu Taibing, Star Music founder Zhou Kai Cheng, founder of Xu Lei and other guests attended the mini car, from the industry and investment point of view, after discussion the consumption trend of the Internet, the Internet industry and upgrade. As the second half of the Internet, to BAT as the representative of the Internet in the consumption dividend fades, and efficiency in the traditional manufacturing industry upgrade, with the Internet technology as the representative of the Internet industry began to glow the new vitality. The most significant feature of the Internet industry will be extensive stage massive financing, from the previous burn subsidies into the efficiency of technological innovation, fine stage. Niu Wenwen said that in the economic downturn, combined with industry and the Internet has become a new hot spot, China efficiency of traditional industries in the Internet technology and the power of capital, with significant efficiency. I believe that with the advent of the Internet industry, there are more entrepreneurs to get the favor of investors, get more government help." Internet industry will also become the focus of Yuhang in the field of fashion design, e-commerce, the next focus. Yuhang vice mayor Huang Hongzhan revealed that last year, Yuhang’s GDP reached 123 billion 500 million yuan this year, revenue is expected to exceed 40 billion yuan. Under the powerful economic engine, Yuhang has a unique advantage in the development of the Internet industry. Yuhang proposed to build Chinese (Hangzhou) the concept of the Internet industry town, will follow the "government, production, learning and research, and the capital, referred to" one of the seven helping the industry concept, the establishment of a comprehensive intelligent manufacturing research and assigned to the Internet industry as the core of the Academy can center, formed the whole process of manufacturing, the whole industry chain, product life cycle, industry ecosystem solutions Internet system, deep links and service in the "manufacturing" + "internet". As a well-known investment institutions, venture capital has been on the morning of the layout of the Internet industry, has invested in more than and 350 companies, including network technology, Focus Media. Fortune venture partner Fu Zhonghong talking about his views, he believes that the supply side reform countries bring huge opportunities for B2B enterprises, both supply and demand there is a huge gap, and consumer demand from the individual to the conduction of enterprise services. Looking for the steel industry as the representative of the Internet industry companies to the Internet technology innovation tradition.相关的主题文章:

90.8% of respondents worried about the small table safety and health – Beijing Channel – People’s

90.8% of respondents were worried about the "small table" safety and health – Beijing channel — original title: 90.8% of respondents were worried about the safety and health situation of the "small table" original title: 90.8% of respondents were worried about the health and safety of the "small table" cartoon: Zhu Huiqing today, near the "small table" and other depository institutions of primary and secondary school business is more and more popular. These "small table" provides dining, rest services. But many of the "small table" is a place of business in the building facade or real school nearby residents, the dining environment is poor, employees without health certificate and training certificates, food storage, processing and cross pollution, to a certain extent affected the children’s physical and mental health. According to a survey Chinese youth daily social investigation center through the network questionnaire of 2000 people, 77.5% of respondents felt now managed class schools around the little table ", 90.8% of respondents worry about safety and health situation of small table". In the school time in primary and middle schools in early cases, to "double workers" parents to lift menace from the rear 61.6% of respondents suggested that the government purchase service, joint office of student canteen, 57% of respondents want the conditional specification of the "small table run community". Of the respondents, 68% of respondents were parents of primary school students, and 32% of respondents were not. 90.8% of respondents were worried about the investigation of "small table" safety and health situation, 77.5% of the respondents felt now managed class schools around the little table ", 25.5% of the respondents felt very much, 18.9% of respondents feel in general, only 3% of respondents think less. 35% of respondents will send their children to a small table and the like of the hosting class, no more than 38.9% of respondents, 26.1% of respondents are not sure. Qin Yangyang (a pseudonym) is a secondary school students in Shanxi province. As the home is far away from the school, in order to save time, she entered the middle school, every day at noon in the vicinity of a school, a small dinner, lunch break. "There are a lot of students who have the same situation with me. After lunch, they can exchange their lessons". Survey, 90.8% of respondents worried about the safety and health of the small table. Working in a construction company in Ji’nan parents Liu Yuan (a pseudonym), to the "small table" managed a few days ago is primary school son, "appeared before the children eat diarrhea in the" small table ", did not want to let the children go to the" small table ". But my mother-in-law two days walking, no one at home to pick up the child, only to find the custodian help shuttle". Liu Yuan is very careful in the selection of "small table", "I have a family study environment, including meals, rest environment and the surrounding environment, choose a various facilities, although expensive, but we do the parents can rest assured". On the "small table" and the like of the trusteeship class, 62.4% of the respondents pointed out that the presence of employees is not standardized, no training to prove the problem, and 58.3% of respondents found utensils tableware相关的主题文章:

90 Fudan Warren drop altar fund trader over 40% loss or face criminal charges-drop dead diva

90 Fudan Warren drop altar fund trader over 40% loss or face criminal charges Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the simplest way to pick up the money market time just over a year, "Fudan Warren" the title of Liu Zhengtai from the unlimited scenery of 90 fund managers quickly drop altar. Miao Yiwei from the bull market in 2015, the excuse is, "the principal borrowed 20 thousand yuan soared to 4 accounts of the 7 digit assets", to bear cow conversion period of huge losses, even facing criminal charges may. In just a year’s time, "Fudan Warren" the title of Liu Zhengtai from the fame of the 90 fund managers quickly drop altar. More than a year ago, the fund manager or 90 claiming to create "3 years of 10 times earnings stocks myth, is public opinion pampered altar" Fudan Warren "today, the trader, private equity funds and Valet stock accounts are facing huge losses, there may even face criminal charges. "I don’t rely on talent, I eat by speculation." Liu Zhengtai has been outspoken in an interview. In June 2015 from the Fudan University finance professional undergraduate graduation not long after Liu Zhengtai resigned from the Societe Generale Securities Traders rushed to the position, on the stock market. Relying on the accumulation of reputation and contacts during the University, he turned to become a private equity fund manager, and in March this year issued a sun Private Equity Fund – Fu Ying 1. Liu Zhengtai said publicly that he relies on the principal amount of $20 thousand, has received more than 10 times 3 years of income in 2012 to 2015, also acquired the stock market every day "stock market simulation contest awards. In the first half of last year to boost the bull market, the only 24 year old fund manager from the school community "Reds", has become a financial TV guest, he repeatedly in front of the camera about their "stock market experience" to the public: including chase material stocks, focusing on technology analysis and fast and ultra short term method. However, out of the ivory tower, when management is more money, Liu Zhengtai soon hit the market head-on blow. Private line network data show that by Liu Zhengtai as a fund trader who was general Fu Ying’s investment fund 1, since its establishment in March 16th this year, in the same period of the CSI 300 index rose steadily trend, but showed a dismal unilateral downward trend, the net value of the fund in July 29th to the latest disclosure only 0.636, after the data is not updated. Liu Zhengtai himself recently released a public offering to raise funds to open an account of customers, also known as the number 1, the number of surplus fund has been below the net profit of 0.6, the official fund contract has no stop line." On the market, most of the sun’s private equity fund liquidation loss line is generally set at 0.7 or 0.8, why the fund has not taken any measures in risk control? Interface news reporter interviewed on the matter, Liu Zhengtai himself, but when explained what he wanted, Liu Zhengtai hastily hung up the phone. Guotai Junan Securities as custodian side of the fund also failed to respond to the complex surplus fund 1 wind control problems. In addition to the formal fund risk control about whether相关的主题文章:

Wu deep appeal to enterprises to set up the chief artificial intelligence officer, and gives four

The depth of | Wu Enda called for the enterprises to set up artificial intelligence chief officer, and gives four suggestions – Sohu technology selected from HBR Author: Wu Enda machine heart compiler participation: Li Yazhou not long ago, Baidu’s chief scientist Wu Enda published an article "the depth of | Baidu’s chief scientist Wu Enda published an article in the Harvard Business Review: the ability of artificial intelligence and the lack of" to the enterprise, about the capabilities and limitations of artificial intelligence. Today, he wrote an article suggesting that companies hire chief artificial intelligence officer, and gives a proposal in the recruitment of chief artificial intelligence officer. More than 100 years ago, the emergence of electricity has changed countless industries. 20 years ago, the emergence of the Internet is also true, artificial intelligence will also have the same effect. In order to take advantage of artificial intelligence, companies need to understand what artificial intelligence can do and how it affects the company’s strategy. But in order to prepare for this disruptive moment, the company should be how to organize the leadership team? The answer lies in tracing back to history. 100 years ago, the power system was really complicated. You need to make a reasonable choice between direct current, alternating current, different voltages, different levels of reliability and price. And how to use electricity is also very difficult to find out: you should pay attention to the establishment of the electric light? Or focus on replacing the gas turbine with motor? As a result, many companies hired Electricity vice president (VP of) to help organize the work, to ensure that each function of the company in their own work objectives or products to consider the existence of electricity. With the maturity of the power system, the role has disappeared. In recent years, changes in the IT and the Internet, we have seen the rise of CIO, to help companies organize information. With the maturity of IT, the development of the company’s Internet strategy has gradually become the work of CEO. Indeed, many standard & Poor’s 500 companies hope that they will be able to develop the Internet strategy earlier. Companies that do so now do have an edge. In the next 5 years, we will tell the same about artificial intelligence strategy. Artificial intelligence is still not mature, but the rapid development. So it’s not reasonable to expect every executive to fully understand artificial intelligence. But if your industry generates a large amount of data, then there is a great chance to use artificial intelligence to convert these data into value. For most of the data but lack the depth of artificial intelligence knowledge of the company, I propose to hire a chief artificial intelligence officer (chief AI officer) or vice president of artificial intelligence (VP of). (some of the chief data officers and leading CIO are actually playing the part) The chief executive officer of artificial intelligence is that he is able to ensure that the company’s entire silo (silos) are applied artificial intelligence. Most of the company’s natural development of silos to ensure that the various departments of specialization, become more efficient. In order to discuss, if your company has a gift card department, artificial intelligence is likely to make the gift card sales and processing process becomes better. If the company has the expertise to attract and deploy artificial intelligence professionals, be sure to allow its n相关的主题文章: