Online shopping disputes the annual growth of 6 times the flagship store franchise stores the most S-lara fabian

Online shopping disputes the annual growth of 6 times the flagship store franchise stores the most – Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Li Yutong) "double eleven" approaches, found the city center of the online shopping contract is the price dispute case investigation, the number of cases this year than last year increased by 6 times, the "flagship store", "store" the most, more than 90% of the dispute because businesses of original fiction. Second hospital to remind consumers should be rational consumption, online shopping vigilance price fraud. Data: online shopping contract disputes 6 times the second annual growth Research Institute found that 10 months before the 2015 and 2016, the second intermediate people’s court has concluded the online shopping contract dispute case 29 and 212, compared with 2015 full year, online shopping contract disputes ten months of 2016 the number of cases increased by more than 600%. According to reports, due to the short promotional period, strong, frequent trading, business promotion season has become a high incidence of price fraud. In addition, the price of fraud in online shopping electronic products, clothing, bags, drinks and other daily consumer goods more, watches, jewelry and other incidental in the field of luxury. From the view of the subject of litigation rights, the main occupation for fake people, sued for main network trading platform on the "store" and "flagship store" or well-known brand import shop. Judging from the results of the proceedings, the rights of those who win a higher rate. Original fiction into maximum price fraud tricks research found that the original fiction is the network business the main way of price fraud, involving price fraud accounted for more than 90% of online shopping contract disputes. Secondly, the fictitious commodity discount rate and the settlement price is higher than the price marked price fraud has become common "tricks". In addition, some operators to limit, limited to the grounds, requiring consumers to order and complete the payment within the specified time. Consumers in the settlement of the settlement price and easy to ignore the gap between the price and the price tag, to make the purchase may not be true meaning. The judge believes that a large number of online commodity information, frequent replacement, regulatory difficulty, the lower the cost of illegal causes is the reason for price fraud. Recommendations: consumers should be rational consumption wary of fraud court suggested that consumers should pay attention to the collection and comparison of purchased goods information, rational consumption, cautious trading, set up the awareness of evidence, if you encounter price fraud, should actively rights. In addition, online commodity operators to correctly understand the legal consequences of price fraud, integrity management, fully labeled as commodity price information, many from the aspects of product quality, service quality and so on, the improvement of competitiveness. At the same time, the network trading platform should regulate their own, improve the store access threshold, improve the commodity price audit and disciplinary mechanisms into the store, providing convenience for consumers rights.相关的主题文章: