On the account to pay deposit on the infringement of citizens’ rights-cashmere mafia

"On the account to pay deposit on the right infringement of citizens for second children on the account, by the community must pay 3000 yuan deposit, was told" this 3000 yuan deposit in your wife after IUD to return 2000 yuan, 1000 yuan back she was 48 years old and no fertility after". Recently, Shaanxi Sihao Luonan County Street South Ditch community Mr. Wang suffered this wonderful fees. Mr. Wang’s second children, was born in June of this year, then, the comprehensive child policy has been implemented in Shaanxi for half a year, the birth of the two child, the account has no legal obstacles. And do not say to the area police station asked Mr. Wang to get community agree that this is unreasonable in the household, community use of seal this link set up obstacles to the applicant, is suspected of violating the law, the responsibility. The reason to pay the deposit, the community is the reason given by "in order to prevent child family continue to have children". Not to mention, if you really want to continue to have children, 3000 dollars can not guarantee well, but it would give people to pay three child places "hint. Family responsibilities and family planning are two departments, two had decoupling in execution, newborns with only a birth certificate to the police station to register on. In January 14th this year, the general office of the State Council promulgated the opinions on solving the problem of non registered permanent residence registration, prohibiting the establishment of any pre conditions that do not meet the requirements of the household registration. Subsequently, the State Planning Commission grassroots family planning guidance Secretary Yang Wenzhuang told the media that "all will not be because of the violation of family planning policy not on account of the problem, a reflection, we will earnestly thorough investigation, strict." For those who violate the family planning policy does not give the account yet to be severely punished, and that the legitimate birth of the account does not give, how to punish? From 2011 the full implementation of the "double alone two children, to the 2013 implementation of the two separate child, to the 2015 full liberalization of two child, the national policy of family planning, a more relaxed trend," for "incremental development," can’t do "are being gradually eliminated. The community is obviously not aware of this trend, the reform trend of the inverse, damage the rights and interests of citizens, but also damage the image of A. To the newborn households need to pay 3000 yuan deposit is also suspected of charges, but the administrative fees are not. Because the villagers’ self-government organization is not a grass-roots government organization, no administrative fees. The community set up fees, but also highlights the basic organization management, the phenomenon of chaos right ultra vires. Grassroots community managers should abide by the most basic legal knowledge and bottom line. In order to account for the deposit margin, indicating that some grassroots self-government organizations managers also retain the original extensive work ideas. South ditch community party branch secretary Zhang said, "is the community meeting agreed," this reflects the "meeting everything", "the meeting decided that" over thinking, such thinking does not change, but also staged a similar absurdity.相关的主题文章: