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Network talk show: "show" what, how many celebrities have entertainment show – Sohu involved in cross-border network programming (CFP)   Sohu entertainment news from across the river by feeling the stones "to" Dapeng tinkling tinkling it has stable fans group "Xiao Song" about "the logic of thinking", from the network a watch boom phenomenon "normal" to show you recently become the focus of public opinion of the "Mars" intelligence "private custom" in recent years, network talk by a large number of users A new force suddenly rises., and whether it is playing, influence or advertising sales have gained remarkable achievements. However, the radish quickly washed mud. The rapid development of the market prosperity, but also caused a lot of problems. As the competition becomes more intense field of network entertainment, network talk show how to meet the diverse needs of the audience at the same time, and constantly improve the production standards, artistic taste and connotation, make the art into the track of healthy development of the industry to be sustainable, is thinking of problem. The era of the advent of scale fission talk show, from the west, is the English talk show transliteration. In China, talk shows are often seen as the precursors of talk shows. From 1992 Shanghai Oriental Television China opened the earliest television talk show "Oriental zhiboshi", talk shows have been implemented, such as "honest" "art of life" "Lu Yu" "super visit" "every day". In recent years, a talk show in the form of more diverse, "a Zhou Libo show" 80 "tonight, Winfrey Show" and abandoned the guest interviews mode, the evolution of a host with personal characteristics of speech form. With the increase of the age of the Internet to the Sohu in 2007 launched the "Chinese Internet first network talk show" "Dapeng tinkling tinkling it", the network talk show came into being. Network talk show, some produced by a professional team, and some users made their own online. Due to the low cost, strong interaction, civilians, network talk show has gradually been favored by users, has become an important weapon to increase the amount of clicks on many sites. Many websites began to introduce homemade network talk show. For example, in 2014, Iqiyi launched the debate talk show "wonderful", was a huge success. Talk show (Figure) at a time, presenters, scholars, business elite, crosstalk actor and other celebrities in many areas have played a network of cross-border talk show. For example, He Jiong presided over the "normal" do you cross the three quarter second, and "please" refrigerator one or two season, Gao Xiaosong started a cultural talk show "Xiao Song adventures", hosted by Pan Shiyi from financial talk show "Friends Mr.Pan", Chen Danqing and Liang Wendao CO produced the "local" "one thousand and one night". In addition, there are Guo Degang’s "virtuous", Zhu Dan’s "youth that thing" etc.. In addition to "known" Mingzui, TV variety gold production team have also joined them. Iqiyi’s "wonderful" attracted CCTV "Joy Street" team, "director" to go where Dad Xie dikui made network variety show "big star" about it, "brother run.相关的主题文章: