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Network drama production environment. Confusion: or to rely on the big IP? [Abstract] in the past two years, the key words of "IP" is the "big IP", which is a big IP extension, which is a big IP dependent actor. Network drama market environment forum held Tencent entertainment Zhuangao (Wen Chufei) network drama blowout, ushered in the birth of many fine drama, but also promote the capital and hot money fierce undercurrent phenomenon, network drama market environment and production patterns in these years has changed dramatically, the big IP are berserk, get high paid big actors more and more, the network drama, which in the end is the best of times or the worst? Vice president of Tencent Inc, Penguin pictures CEO Sun Zhonghuai, Yao off the media chairman Lv Chao, President Su Xiao with adorable pictures of penguin pictures vice president Han Zhijie today, two on the "network drama market environment" forum held in Shanghai, vice president of Tencent Inc, Penguin pictures CEO Sun Zhong, vice president of Han Zhijie with Penguin pictures, Yao off the media chairman Lv Chao. Adorable pictures President Su Xiao, a white, white Producer Director Yang Lei, screenwriter Feng Ji launched a clash of opinions. As the film industry’s most upstream, they are worried about the problem is the biggest confusion, network drama is now facing the confrontation, in addition to tell us that the network drama brings huge impact to the industry while also spawned a number of "near" problem. Advantage of the Internet will be the first choice for the future of the network drama film and television company? As a film production company boss, Yao Ke ("-" the producers) and Lv Chao lemon ("farewell" adorable pictures of small producers) Su Xiao, actually had to join the network drama market, network drama theme of their choice are also big fantasy drama and adventure theme, a the advantage of this is network drama theme capacity, traditional television may not do. Faced with the Internet platform attributes the rise of companies such as Penguin pictures, Lv Chao said very frankly is a good thing, "the penguin pictures are to promote the change of film and television industry turn the world upside down." Su Xiaoze believes that the film company into network drama is sooner or later, "to stand, we will stand in the early." Vice president of Tencent Inc, Penguin pictures CEO Sun Zhonghuai from the outset there. Sun Zhonghuai pointed out that the film is according to the natural advantages of penguin Internet users demand, predict the future needs of the content, but on the market of film and television companies can clearly correctly judge the "two years after the buyer is also willing to pay, there is a risk in itself. That budget quota in the film and television companies will be more inclined to invest in online drama? Su Xiaoceng worked at the Oriental TV, out of the system after he set up with adorable pictures, he pointed out that the present an embarrassing situation, we also strive to users more accurate judgment, relying on quantitative data to make judgments, but still very difficult, "art and the combination of industrial system, gambling is two years after the market, after two years of evaluation for the product market is what it looks like, it is difficult to avoid all gambling components." He is also very keen to mention a phenomenon, the future cost of the network drama will be higher and higher, the film and television companies bet even worse.相关的主题文章: