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Nanjing, a residential security refused to "Tactic" into the club was hit head broken – Industry Beijing Yangzi Evening News (reporter correspondent Ren Guoyong Qi Wenxuan) recently, Nanjing Qixia Sheshan Street area of a residential club pingmou security on duty, not a rope to the Teddy Dog Club, pingmou drive and use the foot the result was kicked off, three owners have to head broken and bleeding. In the morning, Kwak with a single mother and sister-in-law Zhang to see the house decoration, Zhang pushed ten months old baby, accompanied by a black Teddy dog. 11 in the afternoon, the child has been crying, the people decided to go to the community to give children milk powder club. Tactic dog no rope ran in front, to the clubhouse door, security pingmou saw the puppy to enter the club, quickly drive Tactic dogs, and kick it with their feet. Kwak saw the dog being kicked, hurriedly rushed over to the theory. Pingmou responded: the club does not allow pets to enter." Guo said that the dog can not go, but why do you want to kick the dog? A single mother Guo Mou said: "with a brute regardless of what." Pingmou thought they scolded him, went back to the sentence: "you are a beast." A very angry, just throw the past. Pingmou pushed a single one fell on the ground. Guo Mou suddenly rushed pingmou veins exposed, put down on the floor, play on the ground. And a single Zhang also came to help, three people with severely beaten, hit pingmou head to stop bleeding. The police received the alarm after investigation, black Teddy did not do it. At present, beating Kwak and other three were administrative detention.相关的主题文章: