More than just a product queue pending public fund set by the market beachhead

More than just a product "queue" pending public fund landing is set by the market Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The reporter Wang Chengcheng, although the editor Yu Yong A shares continued hovering near 3000 points, but the interest of investors in the equity market is quietly heating up. SFC website, as of September 1st, the fund raised a total of 16 products set by the "queue" pending trial, these funds are basically 7, August declaration, the number of close at the end of last year and the first half of the sum of the declaration. Analysts pointed out that with the decline in the absolute level of the bond market, from the perspective of the large class of asset allocation, with a fixed cushion gradually increase the attractiveness of the product. Especially in the context of the shortage of assets, the agency outside the fund to increase interest in the product is quite strong. Fund companies compete for the increasing market signs, will increase the product has become the focus of the fund companies to compete for the near future. Commission website public information display, as of September 1st this year, is currently awaiting approval of the amount of funds raised by 16. From the time of reporting, these funds are 7, August to declare, declare the number of occupied half of the country since the end of last year. The end of last year to the first half of this year, the total amount of the fund set up for the record 17. From the declaration of products of the company, including the south, Castrol, a veteran fund company, including Jiutai, clay innovation generation company. Individual companies reporting quantity, such as a "Jiutai fund control" 9 products. The fund company official told reporters that due to the current bond products absolute return has dropped to historic lows, and the credit risk reduction, equity market although the short term difficult to pick up, but the downside is relatively limited. For banks, insurance and other outsourcing funds, with a discount advantage of the fund will be able to increase the growth and security. Public data show that, as of now, this year, a total of 13 set up by the fund, involving 8 fund companies, ranging in size from $4 billion 600 million to $600 million. It can be predicted that with the record set by the fund to enter the market, the future of public funds in the first half of the market will be more intense competition. The short-term Jiancang difficult is worth mentioning is that the recent batch of fixed gain products on the market, the market has caused short-term overheating, hot market also increases the difficulty of increasing fund investment. A lot of participation set by the fund manager told reporters that the current short-term market has been showing signs of overheating, centralized funds pushed the issue price, given the increasing participation of discount is also more and more low, high and increasing participation, it is better to wait for the fourth quarter layout will increase the price will fall. Shanghai, a given increase in the Fund said that the last two weeks, the company involved in the project by the scheduled increase of 7, the higher the price of a number of projects, there is a single or even a premium issue. A scheduled increase in private equity fund manager also said that the company recently issued a new set by the product because the price is too high, not enough configuration set by the project, has so far failed to jiancang. It is understood that the current theory of fixed production相关的主题文章: