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Ministry of environmental protection: local heavy pollution weather emergency measures are not in place – the new network from November 24th to 26, affected by adverse weather conditions, the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, southern Shanxi, heavy pollution weather process. Hebei, Shanxi, part of the city for 2 consecutive days to achieve severe pollution, individual cities within a certain period of time to achieve serious pollution. In response to this heavy pollution weather, the Ministry of environmental protection sent inspection teams to Shanxi, Taiyuan, Linfen and Hebei province emergency response to carry out special inspections. Ministry of environmental protection inspection team found in the inspection, the presence of heavy pollution in some cities emergency response measures are not in place. Such as Shanxi, Linfen, the level of early warning of pollution is significantly low, start time lag, emergency response measures are obviously inadequate. From October 1st to November 25th, the average concentration of PM2.5 and SO2 in Linfen increased by 45.9%, respectively, compared with the same period in 2015, up to 209%. Especially since November, 2 to 5 consecutive days of severe pollution and more than 4 days, did not start warning did not take any measures to reduce emissions. The responsible person told the economic reference news "reporter related to the Ministry of environmental protection, because of heavy pollution weather measures ineffective, resulting in serious air pollution, November 1st to 25, 70 city Tianjin and surrounding areas in Linfen City, the comprehensive quality of the air quality index in the first countdown.相关的主题文章: