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The Ministry of education to remind freshmen to guard against fraud – Beijing Youth Online (25 August, Beijing Youth Daily Chinese? Youth online reporter Zhuge Yahan) recently, "Shandong girls college tuition cheated nearly a million" message, Ministry of education, the national student financial management center Ren Tian Zuyin in today’s press conference held by the Ministry of Education said that the majority of college students, especially freshmen to be vigilant, keep their eyes open, do not be deceived. Tian Zuyin said, there are always dirty liar, while this time, to grant, the name of part-time jobs, sponsorship and donations as an excuse to pull students cheat money. He warned that the college students can be difficult to find a school, find funding center, there can call the hotline, the Ministry of Education Hotline, doubt, ask the teacher elder sister, don’t let the newspaper account most probably it did not actually happen, let the newspaper account, password lost password. Some media reports said that the cause of the female college students cheated because the student contact information and receive student information was leaked. In this regard, Ma Jianbin, deputy director of the national student financial management center responded that the student information is how leaked, the current public security departments have been involved in the investigation, the results will be released to the public. We attach great importance to the confidentiality of the information of students, requiring all levels of educational administrative departments and schools must strictly confidential student information. In addition, yesterday we issued a prompt to remind students not to be deceived. Reporters noted that the Information Office of the Ministry of education administrative micro-blog dissatisfied Education issued yesterday afternoon, micro-blog said, the Ministry of education has noticed that appeared on the Internet on the "Shandong girls college tuition cheated nearly a million" message, and solemnly remind the students especially college students, whether it is to provide a unit or individual which should not be funded ask students to ATM or online interactive operation. If there is a similar request, please consult the teacher and the local education department, do not operate in accordance with the requirements of each other’s transfer, so as not to be deceived. At the same time, the Ministry of Education said that the country has established a complete system of student financial aid for college freshmen, there are student loans, scholarships, grants, hard work and green channel, etc.. As long as there are financial difficulties, the government and the school will provide students with appropriate funding. (editor of the Ministry of Education Science)相关的主题文章: