Luotian last night, a car spontaneous combustion of the driver to abandon the fierce fire escape (Fi sorpack

Luotian last night a car driver abandoned the vehicle and escape the fierce fire combustion (Figure) Luotian palm sugar sister reports: yesterday evening 20 pm, in the vicinity of the Dabie Mountain in Luotian County Road, a hotel, a car spontaneous combustion, the fire is very fierce, the car driver abandoned the vehicle and hurriedly escape. Firefighters rushed to the scene quickly extinguished the fire, but the entire car has burnt out. According to witnesses at the scene, at the time, he was nearby, saw a car parked on the roadside spontaneous combustion, the fire is very fierce, the car driver fled in time. Hu rushed to a nearby hotel fire extinguishers tried to extinguish the fire, but the fire has spread to the whole body, the flames reflect the sky, a lot of smoke continued to go up, simply can not afford to lose. So, Mr. Hu promptly call 119 phone. Fire officers and soldiers quickly rushed to the scene after the alarm will be successfully extinguished the fire. At this time, the car has been completely different, most of the parts were burned, suspected vehicles scrapped. At present, the specific cause is under further investigation. Concerned about the big Chu network official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), to give you interesting, useful information, as well as gift sent every day. Scan the two-dimensional code below concern.相关的主题文章: