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Lu Yi "flower show" male guards and legs sweet confession heart warming poke tears – Lu Yi and Lu Yi’s Sohu entertainment pattern’s warm dinner entertainment news before the Sohu, by Lu Yi, Guo Degang, in Jia Nailiang, OD, Jin Shengzhu, the six men of God’s "in the mood" in the Saturday night 20:30 on time meet with the audience. The six men of God has experienced fifteen days of day and night together, go to Eastern Europe’s last stop. "In the mood for husband" Lu Yi to show the advantage in the program counter legs, refused to ride donkey walking down but confident choice, ability Max praise. In order to comfort God hard journey, the program group especially for Lu Yi in a mystery gift, Bao Lei, Belle, small leaves that collective appearance of Lu Yi, a warm picture of sweet and touching zhichuo lacrimal gland. Lu Yi has long legs on donkey dung on this mountain bel cool acid it is understood that last week’s program, "mood snatch after more than and 10 days of their trip to Eastern Europe, establish a strong brotherhood stay together morning and night, riding downhill, fishing and other tasks also play more retrofit. On a hillside in Santorini, men of God who face down the mountain long distance decided to choose the donkey down. "The father" Lu Yi wanted to challenge their own limits, decided to walk down the mountain, long legged guards he playfully encouraged other brothers: "I suggest we long legs go." However, Guo Degang had already seen through everything, the phrase: "Lu Yi not donkey, he wore so handsome, ugly donkey." Guo boss to God by Lu Yi also joked: "if the donkey pulled." The original suit and handsome leg is too long. The result is 10 seconds walk downhill, Lu Yi. However, despite the handsome appearance, motion force Max Lu Yi strength really abundant, and Jia Nailiang two people sang "journey to the west" on the hill, Lu Yi did not forget the self McCain: "we are on a donkey dung on the road." "Good thing", the audience is not afraid of things to watch: "choose their own way, also want to go through numerous difficulties and dangers." Lu Yi was a happy wife lady white sugar together in order to reward the stamp of lacrimal gland, the men in their journey of hard work, the program group arranged a sumptuous seafood dinner were going for them, but also close to send a mysterious gift zhichuo lacrimal gland. The men who know the eastern line away from home so many days was very worried about their loved ones, the program group especially for them respectively recorded family video, instant stamp in male gods of the tears. The pattern of husband "Lu Yi sugar, I saw Bao Lei, Belle and small leaves collective appearance, belle of a mouth sweet shout" Dad, we miss you!" Sweet Lu Yi smiles and opens the flower. "Dad you go, my mother would like to think you sick, and then spread me, I passed to the small leaves, you come back, we must be sure that the disease is good!" Belle’s voice soft waxy all of the Lu Yi family miss, everyone with love and moved, and naughty little sister leaves behind the back somersault, Lu Yi face happy crowd Jia Nailiang call: "good warm ah! You are a family of four long ah, ah, you and Bao Lei have a husband and wife, and even the laws are exactly the same pattern". Lu Yi thought of this: "yes, it will be like a long time." Look at the candy.相关的主题文章: