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Psychology of marriage: 4 demonstrated that TA betrayed you (Figure 4) shows that TA betrayed you have people feel there is no sex outside marriage is not emotional derailment, so that cheaters have betrayed completely mistaken, because the love from the heart, even if did not have sex with other people, his emotional center is no longer in the family. It can be said that emotional derailment is more than physical derailment. If your partner has the following performance, TA has betrayed you. 1, always looking for excuses not to go home in a couple with the spirit of the derailment, home will feel boring, so often find excuses not to go home, even home, would rather be alone, is idle boring, rather than with the other side of entertainment music, showing the couple in sight, it is Rainbow Night. 2, to have the spirit of the derailment rather baffling tired side, certainly heart, objects can be faithless, this object may be like, also may be ambiguous, but mentally derailed a party, the spirit of attention is often in other subjects up, feel now partner just drag and more than 3, sex has become one of the regular course of official duties has derailed spirit sex couples are uninterested, even sometimes for physiological needs, but also often a regular course of official duties. 4, take each other with others than to see each other what is not good, even a little thing to blame each other, even quarrel, will deliberately prick, let the other person feel wronged, even deliberately, is always unable to enter his meaning, and secretly take each other with others than the old, more than the more interesting light. Exclusive statement: This article exclusively authorized by the Sina, without permission shall not be reproduced.相关的主题文章: