Look at the realistic significance of the construction of new government relations Sohu comments fro 9c8950

From the case of Hongyuan economic and social significance practical significance of the construction of new relationship between government and business of Sohu to build a healthy relationship between government and business review system is closely related to a relationship with the interests of every enterprise, government officials and businessmen, are difficult to stay out. "Relationship" is the perspective of our observation of society, the most difficult to deal with the relationship between the various interests. The contradiction of interest is the most common and profound contradiction in Chinese society. The relationship between government and business is also a kind of interest relation. The so-called political and commercial relations is a kind of political and economic relations, the relationship between government and enterprises, the relationship between officials and entrepreneurs. The construction of a healthy relationship between government and business is the driving force for social progress and economic development. Since the reform and opening up, a variety of economic elements coexist, effectively promoting the rapid development of China’s economy. But because of lack of system, morals lost, also brought the general public, and is voicing affinities are different social problems and distorted the relationship between government and business. In order to purify the political and business environment, ensuring sustained and stable economic development, government and enterprises must build a healthy, honest, open and transparent new government business relations. Two sessions this year, Xi Jinping, general secretary pointed out that the new political and business relations, summed up is the pro Qing two words. General Secretary Xi "pro" and "clear" two words set the tone for the relationship between the government and business model is the form and connotation of accurate and vivid interpretation. "Pro" and "Qing" two words to clarify the new political and commercial relations, draw a clear line between government and business contacts should be followed, is a norm and lead. The party put forward in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the construction of clean politics, firmly opposed to corruption, is an important task to strengthen and standardize the political life of the party. Must be ideological defense and defense system against corruption and build a strong focus on building institutional mechanisms, not rot, not rot, do not want to rot. Leading cadres, particularly senior cadres must take the lead in practicing the socialist core values, morality, self-cultivation, honesty and the sense of shame. Leading cadres at all levels are servants of the people, not to engage in specialized power, to take the lead in the implementation of standards of honesty and self-discipline, consciously with the privileged ideas and phenomena of privilege struggle, pay attention to the family, family education, family education, manage their relatives and staff. Prohibit the use of authority or influence for the relatives and friends of the family to seek special care, family members and relatives of cadres and friends of the leading cadres involved in the work within the purview of the leading cadres, personnel arrangements. To insist on opposing corruption, greed will have Su, adhere to the full coverage, no taboo, zero tolerance, the party will not allow corrupt elements hiding place. Six plenary session of the party’s leading cadres for the construction of a new political and commercial relations has far-reaching political significance and great practical significance. Leading cadres at all levels and private entrepreneurs must learn seriously, carefully grasp, in strict accordance with the six plenary session of the Central Committee, to determine the "pro" and "clear" the relationship between government and business principles and boundaries, to block the normal relationship between politics and business development issues should be resolutely clean up. The healthy political and commercial relationship is the positive energy to promote the development of social economy. Government and enterprises want to build a new relationship between government and business, not only to understand the relationship between government and business, but also to regulate the system. ).相关的主题文章: