Lol five anniversary of opening tomorrow Jay Chou publicly for the first time sing hero – Sina hero

LOL five anniversary of opening tomorrow Jay Chou publicly for the first time sing "hero" – Sina hero alliance zone "hero alliance" five anniversary Carnival festival will be held August 26th -28 in Guangzhou international sports and entertainment center opened. In the last three days of the carnival Festival, they will not only enjoy the wonderful game player fierce competition against the witness decide the global finals team Chinese places, have a chance to get out of the full official heroes award will be more of a glimpse of the skin, unique style of ten stars gathered in the. As a "hero alliance" star Summoner Jay Chou, will be more in the five anniversary of the scene for the first time to sing "hero alliance" Chinese brand theme song "hero". "Hero alliance" beyond the ambassador Jay Chou as early as last June "hero alliance" star Summoner suspense station on the line, one of the clues on the release of "star Summoner" message will be "hero alliance" Battle Hymn of the creation. And when the name "Jay Chou" was finally announced, almost all the players were boiling. Attendant, is everyone on the Warsong look. In March 24th this year, the lyrics by Jay Chou himself composed and sang "hero alliance" China brand theme of "hero", the world’s first, a new song, immediately maxed circle of friends, the top of the music list, the two week reached 80 million. Jay Chou after numerous single cycle, game player and fans have new expectations, what time can see Jay Chou live this battle song? In 2016 Jay Chou’s concert tour, "hero" has been fired as the opening ceremony of the audience, but so far has not yet sung in public in this song, Jay Chou. In this year’s five anniversary celebration, Jay Chou will be in the carnival festival scene for the first time singing "hero" and the whole network broadcast! In addition, Jay Chou will also work with Zhu Zhen, Ma Ke, Chen, Lin update, led by Kim Hee Chul of the five South Korean star jointly unveiled the five anniversary celebration of the scene, they will join forces for the game player who offer a fantastic Asian star exhibition. Asia Star Exhibition stars gathered in "hero alliance" has always been a major highlight of the anniversary Carnival festival site, and China top occupation Corps between high level against the same is over the carnival festival which is one of the "main course". This year, "hero alliance" five anniversary Carnival festival for the first time with the occupation League interact, the 2016 season "hero alliance" occupation League (LPL) finals will be conducted at the summer festival on the first day, EDG and RNG two have topped the LPL’s top teams to the summer Championship glory, and global finals LPL division first launched a duel Ssangyong seed qualification. After this, IM, WE, Snake, VG four teams will compete for the last one to the world finals tickets. Before the official unveiling at the five anniversary celebration, the related game player welfare activities have been the first step, the five anniversary of desire wall Summoner desire will draw on the anniversary of the scene and achieve; the world’s first "anniversary" figure, video series and more popular hand skin creation heavy back is mall and the game; in the interactive activities "achievement master challenge" as early as July.相关的主题文章: