Li Chen is worried about Bing Bing insomnia Goodfellas with Zhang Yi love to kill (video)

Li Chen is worried about Bing Bing insomnia "Goodfellas" with Zhang Yi love to kill the Tencent (the Fang Fang) entertainment news September 25th, dormant for four years the TV drama "Goodfellas" in Beijing held a launch conference, screenwriter Lan Xiaolong, director Kawa drama starring Li Chen, Zhang Yi attended, LAN Xiao Long joked, "I was in trouble for the crew to Li Chen Zhang Yi, how sad how to play." And has worked 11 times Li Chen and Zhang Yi love to kill, after meeting Zhang Yi quipped: "it’s enough", Li Chen also quipped, "not resigned to playing second fiddle, with Zhang Yi acting is torture each other". Li Chen, Zhang Yi opened the "pinch mode", 11 cooperation "tortured" in the TV drama "Goodfellas", Li Chen plays the Kuomintang Mr. Tu’s successor time sydney. The time is a multi-faceted characters, and resolutely, jagged ruthless, will China Communist culture "seed" and other opposition handclap, Li Chen believes that although he sounds like a "bad guy", but in my heart, time is definitely a ‘boy’ "in his view, that’s where the play, there is no clear good and bad points, everyone in their faith and loyal to the effort," I should be a "bad guy" in the camp of a ‘boy’". In this regard, Zhang Yi also added, "this movie is called" Goodfellas ", because everyone is" good in their own fields." In addition to the main identity, Li Chen also served as a TV producer in "Goodfellas". Because of the distance "Goodfellas" shooting has been completed for four years to be aired, in this regard, Li Chen joked that this is "a play of the olympic". In order to "Goodfellas" can be broadcast, Li Chen is also a lot of effort, even micro-blog has issued a document called "the play did not broadcast to, I have to go home". Due to the works of deep feelings, the scene, he also brought in through the "Goodfellas" in the scenes, while talk about shooting in the story, he recalled the journey to promote the TV broadcast, citing "soldier assault" in the classic lines of "do not abandon, do not give up" to describe, and emotion that film "Goodfellas", Li Chen Zhang Yi, is the eighth time, after a lapse of four years, Zhang Yi said, "in fact should be figured into next year, we will have 11 cooperation." As the number of entertainment cooperation partner, most of the conference site, two people came to a fiercely "pinch mode", when the host asked many cooperative feelings, Zhang Yi joked "it is enough", Li Chen also quipped, "not resigned to playing second fiddle, with Zhang Yi acting each other torture". When the host asked two people "in the play roles" no thought, Li Chen said there is a chance to try it, Zhang Yi said, "I think you Dianxuan, after I saw the completion of the film, Chen son (Li Chen) played very well, but his skill, inside, I was not, I he can’t play the role, because he did not have me so good." For the relationship between the two people love to kill, screenwriter Lan Xiaolong has a unique opinion, the play above the toss of the Zhang Yi, the play is following the toss of the next round of the, the interaction between the two of the people of the world, the Chinese side of the world, the world of the world, the people of the world and the world of the world, and the relationship between love and death of the people of the past years"相关的主题文章: