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Korean media exposure Cui Shunshi family history of fortune with the mother sister hold 300 billion won the original title: Korean media explosion of the Cui Shunshi family history of fortune with the mother sister sitting on 300 billion won [Global Times correspondent in South Korea Wang Wei] by South Korean President Park Geun hye into "politics door" political storm hero Cui Shunshi, prosecutors arrested on Monday night. Cui Shunshi a fortune to riches, is also frequently since the end of the Korean media. South Korean media broke the news that Pu Jinhui and Cui met in more than 40 years ago. Park Geun hye’s mother Lu Yingxiu was assassinated in 1974 after the mysterious religious person named Cui Taimin was active in contact with Pu Jinhui, provide spiritual care and counseling, Cui began to gain the trust of the park. Pu Jinhui also helped Cui promotion of religious affairs. Until after Cui Taimin’s death in 1994, Cui has a huge business, real estate and construction through the shade of Park Geun Hye network. According to South Korea, "Korean Daily" reported that Cui Taimin met with 5 women married, gave birth to 3 boys and 6 girls, Cui Shunshi is Cui sensitive and the fifth wife gave birth to a daughter, the most sensitive love cui. Cui Taimin believes that Cui Shunshi inherited his ability, before his death also entrust her to park. Cui Shunshi and park Geun hye "like sisters". She went to the jewelry store to buy media for the brooch in the residence and the park, park Geun hye for dinner. Cui Shunshi in 1982 and Daegu’s Kim married, when Cui was only 20 years old. In the past 4 years, the marriage ended in failure. 1996, Cui Shunshi and his father, the Secretary of the marriage of Zheng Runhui, gave birth to her daughter Zheng pull to pull on the floor of the body, the father of the marriage of the daughter of the father of the Secretary of the state of the world. In 1998, Pu Jinhui was first elected the Ruling Party lawmakers, Zheng Yun will become Secretary of the park. 2014 years after the sinking of the tragedy, Zheng Runhui alleged by the media is one of the people behind the scenes interfere with the operation of South Korea, causing controversy. May 2014, Cui Shunshi and Zheng Runhui divorce. Cui Shunshi has a close relationship with her mother and sister. South Korea, Central Daily News, 1, said that at present, Cui Shunshi’s sister with her mother, Cui Shunde (age 64) and sister, sister (at the age of 58) under the name of at least about 300 billion won of assets. The three sisters of the assets is the core of the real estate investment funds, but the source is not transparent, so some people questioned them by father Cui Taimin to seek funds for investment. It is said that in the early 70s of the last century, almost no assets. In 1993, Chong Wa Dae said: "in 1974, the Cui Taimin family was crowded in a house in the Buddha hole, with no telephone, life is very poor." However, once so poor a Shunshi Cui only less than 10 years time to buy buildings in the market between 8 billion and 29 billion won the building. In 1985 and in 1988, Cui Shunshi’s three sisters purchased the building at the age of 25 – – between the ages of 35. Cui also because of alleged misappropriation of sensitive 1980 220 million won funds were arrested. Korea "Daily" said 1, Cuishi a name, also triggered great concern. The name of Cui Shunshi "Cui Banv", later renamed Cui Shunshi in 2014 7.相关的主题文章: