Jinma shares 11 billion 600 million yuan acquisition of auto – Sohu striking one snag after another coscoqd

Jinma shares 11 billion 600 million yuan acquisition of auto – Sohu Jinma automobile striking one snag after another 11 billion 600 million yuan acquisition of Zotye automobile a by the Shenzhen stock exchange and striking one snag after another, the inquiry and the market questioned. In October 24th, a major reorganization of assets in the media briefing held, Jinma shares relevant responsible person said that the merger and reorganization of both sides of the transaction, the transaction will be completed asset integration, promote business collaboration development, improve the efficiency of. Especially for listed companies, the overall assets will have a larger growth, become involved in various aspects of the automotive industry chain, inter regional, economies of scale of large enterprise groups. "Two degrees" acquisition of Zotye auto restart in October 10th, Jinma auto acquisition, intends to re price of 11 billion 600 million yuan to acquire auto, with all the way to issue shares to buy auto 100% shares, the issue price of 8.91 yuan shares, corresponding to the issue of 1 billion 301 million 900 thousand shares. Previously, Jinma shares reorganization plan once stranded. Early in March this year, the golden horse shares issued to 11 billion 600 million yuan price of the acquisition of Zotye auto draft. However, in the initial restructuring of the draft, the acquisition method for the combination of cash payment and issue of shares to pay, the issue price of only 5.44 yuan per share. Comparison of the new scheme to raise matching funds, then raising the amount of up to 10 billion yuan, the tractor Group intends to subscribe for $4 billion 500 million. The first restructuring plan released less than a month later, Jinma shares announced that held a provisional shareholders meeting and vote to be passed. At the beginning of July, the company made an application to the authorities, suspended the restructuring, the reason given is changed the present situation of securities market environment and policy, the parties need to further analysis of the transaction program." It is worth noting that, in September 20th second a restructuring plan issued before, Zotye auto original first, the second largest shareholder of gold Zheyong and the Great Wall Nagafu, will be held respectively 44.69% and 7.23% car Zotye Zotye auto shares transferred to the tractor group, the tractor group shares from shareholders holding 4.91% stake in the auto change, the first major shareholders and actual controllers of 56.83% stake. According to the first Jinma shares issued restructuring plan, after the completion of the transaction Tieniu group will hold 38.35% of the shares of listed companies, the company will not change the actual control. If the net effect to raise matching funds, the actual control of Jinma shares will be changed to gold Zheyong, backdoor red line touches the acquisitions of new regulations. In the new version of the restructuring plan, the golden horse shares said, in consideration of the financing package, after the completion of this transaction, Jinma group, tractor group directly holds 5.77% listed companies, 40.43% of the shares, the actual control of Tractor Group Ying Jianren, Xu Meier couple through the tractor group indirectly controlled 46.20% of the shares of listed companies, is still real control of listed companies. Even considering the influence of the financing package, Mrs. Ying Jianren will continue through the tractor group indirectly controlled 43.93% of the shares of listed companies, the actual control of the same position. A revised scheme,相关的主题文章: