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Jingdong Q3 earnings: first category expansion for the future growth of the sweetness of open – Sohu of science and technology in November 15th, Jingdong released third quarter earnings this year, few of them pay particular attention to: GMV iron brother data reached 158 billion 800 million yuan RMB 1 for the quarter, excluding the total transaction of virtual goods amounted to 155 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 47%; as of September 30, 2016 2, the number of active users in the past 12 months to maintain rapid growth, reached 198 million 700 thousand, an increase of 57%; as of September 30, 2016 3, the Jingdong in the past 12 months free cash flow of 16 billion 700 million yuan (about 2 billion 500 million dollars), while cash reserves amounted to 35 billion 400 million yuan ($5 billion 300 million); 4 net profit of 269 million, second consecutive profitable quarter and the last quarter of 391 million 400 thousand. Jingdong’s earnings and growth ceiling has affected the industry (including iron brother, including) concern, and now in the rapid growth and profitability at the same time, what is the reason? Where is the rapid growth of Jingdong? Taste the sweetness of the category expansion in recent years Jingdong has been trying to 3C outside of the whole category expansion route, Liu Qiangdong in the 618 year and even shouted "clothing for five years in a Jingdong in the first category, the slogan" in the Q3 after the earnings release conference call with analysts, Liu Qiangdong said that to fully enter the field of clothing self. Prior to Liu Qiangdong had said that due to the clothing category is not easy to standardized management, early clothing category is more focused on the open platform. From non 3C and large appliances proportion of turnover in the past four quarters were 51%, 47.8%, 48.2% and 51.3%, while the company’s quarter overall gross margin increased by nearly two percentage points, by ou 14% in the same period last year increased to nearly 16%. Obviously, the clothing category as the representative of the expansion of the Jingdong not only means that the growth of GMV, but also on behalf of profitability. In addition to clothing, Jingdong also increased by super as the representative of the daily input, and put a lot of marketing expenses in the third quarter, seize the market, this is also the third quarter although the income increased, but compared with the second quarter profits are main reasons of a certain decline. For the super Jingdong clearly has a special strategic significance: 1 Jingdong can accelerate the whole category of construction, starting from the high frequency of use per day activities, to speed up the whole category of platform brand building of the Jingdong; 2 to save logistics costs, improve profitability, according to the "interface" report, and the Jingdong home after the merger, dada Crowdsourcing the logistics cost per unit from 15 yuan to 3 yuan; 3 to speed up the integration of online and offline resources, reached a strategic cooperation with WAL-MART, the Jingdong in June 21st October 21st, WAL-MART Sam member shops settled Jingdong supermarket, while WAL-MART new strategic investment reached 50 million U.S. dollars, Jingdong has become an important channel of retail supermarket and revitalize the line Crowdsourcing dada logistics. According to Analysys released "Analysys China online retail B2C market quarterly monitoring report 2016 second quarter", in the clothing category, the Jingdong accounted for 9.5% market share, led o相关的主题文章: