Jiangsu Yancheng a stall gas explosion 3 passers-by were injured in Beijing-sorpack

Jiangsu Yancheng a stall gas explosion 3 passers-by were injured – Beijing, Yangzi Evening News (reporter correspondent Wang Yong Shi Guangquan) yesterday morning 9 am, a stall in Yancheng Binhai County, suspected gas leak caused the explosion, a huge impact around the shattered glass, 3 passers-by were injured. Reporters learned that the explosion occurred in the coastal county people’s road Red Star Bridge on the North side. According to witnesses, about 9:30 in the morning, a violent explosion occurred a "human and gear" restaurant, lead glass gate, hotel all shattered, adjacent stores are damaged, the impact will be blasted into the broken glass on the opposite side of the road. The impact of the explosion also led to 3 passers-by were injured. According to nearby residents, there was an old woman just passing through the door was wounded, seemingly serious injuries, blood mouth covered glass branch. There is a young woman’s face is blood, and another woman was injured feet. 3 injured have been taken to hospital for treatment. Then, the fire and police rushed to the scene, the gas tank out of the stall. Yesterday, the stall owner told reporters, at that time no one in the shop, the pot is stewed with vegetables. The explosion may be caused by the leakage of the new gas pipe.相关的主题文章: