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Inventory of the global landmark complex to see who the most "capricious" countries with the accelerating development of the city, people living in the city for the city function, quality of life and the cultural connotation of a broader pursuit, when entering a historic reform in a city, there is always a spiritual banner and symbolic era the great building to lead the development of the city, the unique influence of the building, that is what we call "landmark", some also known as the "city landmark complex". The original purpose of its birth is not only to make the city from the image of a new look, more importantly, the building into kinetic energy, leading the city image to the leap. What is the real landmark urban complex? Landmark urban complex project in the significance of urban development, and where? Paris, Ladd Fong Slovakia LADEFENSE, PARIS50 years of development and construction, making it from the western suburbs of a secluded nameless, emerged as the best European business district and commercial circle, with the excellent public transport system and urban planning, Ladd Fang, not only to build a new Triumphal Arch, commercial center, supermarket, more large area theme park, fountain sculpture, green garden embellishment, very good to hear or see, linger, is recognized as the pioneer of the masterpiece will be complex. Tokyo, Roppongi Hills ROPPONGIHILLS, TOKYO1986, by the Tokyo government to determine the Roppongi District alterations induced for the city, which lasted more than 20 years of sustainable development, in less than 12 hectares of land to build a rich artistic atmosphere, beautiful ecological environment of modern city, office, shopping, cinema, hotel, residential, parks, the museum, art museum and other functions in one, is the best example of the future city another ", attracts tens of thousands of people come here for sightseeing. New York, Manhattan MANHATTAN NEW YORK, an area less than 60 square kilometers of Manhattan, New York is the name card bright city. Here is not only focused on the Chrysler building, The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, the United Nations building skyscrapers, also focused on the Metropolitan Museum, the Guggenheim Museum, the Lincoln center, Broadway theatre art landmark, Central Park area of 340 hectares, is the largest metropolitan land international luxury. Hongkong City, Swire CITYPLAZA, HONGKONG island is located at the east of Taikoo Shing, although no Hongkong central core position, but with the MTR convenient transportation, a faction of complex features, commercial, office, residential, entertainment, brought together a number of large department stores and all kinds of international brand stores the restaurant, restaurant, theatre. Over the past 30 years, housing prices have been in Hong Kong Tai Koo Shing house leader. As can be seen, the significance of landmark city complex is not merely a symbol recognition of the city and face the problem so simple, its value lies more in the city to maximize the value of. Landmark urban complex is a major trend of the development of modern cities, the landmark city complex to meet the needs of the development of urbanization, to a large extent solved the process of urbanization in the increasingly prominent population, 2相关的主题文章: