Interview with Ma Min Sun Zhongshan’s industrial thinking is not a fantasy

Interview: Sun Zhongshan’s horse sensitive industrial thought is not a fantasy – Beijing, China News Agency, Wuhan, November 5 questions: an interview with Sun Zhongshan Ma Min: industrial thought is not a fantasy author Zhang Xiaoxi Ai Qiping "Sun Zhongshan is a revolutionist, but also an economic strategist, is the cause of modernization Chinese early pioneers." Recently, Ma Min, Professor of history at Huazhong Normal University in Wuhan to accept an interview with China News Agency reporter said. After the victory of the 1911 Revolution, especially after the resignation of the interim president in April 1912, the "industry" and "construction" has become the most talked about topic of Sun Zhongshan. Ma Min said: "Sun Zhongshan in April 8, 1912 to 13 to Wuhan, and advocacy industry is also an important part of his trip to Wuhan." Ma Min believes that from April 1912 to March 1913, is to talk about "industry", "building" the most period of time in the year of. On the same day as president of the provisional duties, he made it clear: "not sacked director sacked after there is urgent business to start than politics." "What is more important than politics" is to carry out the economic construction of the country." Ma Min said. Ma Min pointed out that in this period, the idea of industrial construction on the Sun Zhongshan become more clear and clear. Although the "Song Jiaoren case" and the ensuing "two revolution", the construction of the Sun Zhongshan industrial plan setback, but in 1917, Sun Zhongshan again in the favorable international conditions to consider the national system construction, and the "industrial plan" the study of works. "Until 1919 by a grand" industrial plan ", Sun Zhongshan’s ideological system and mature industry." Ma Min said. Sun Zhongshan’s "industrial plan" includes six big plans, its main content is: first, the construction of the north and south port, east port port three world-class port; two, built a total of 100 thousand six mile long railway system; three, to build 1 million miles of road network; four, the Yangtze River, Huaihe, remediation the Yellow River river water system; four, the frontier of mass immigration development; five, comprehensive exploitation of coal, iron, oil, nonferrous metals and other mineral resources; six, the development of heavy industry and modern agriculture industry planning, the basic necessities, related to people’s livelihood. Ma Min believes that this is a China to comprehensive development of economy, industrialization, and rejuvenation of the magnificent modernization program, both for the industrial salvation thought is the crystallization of a comprehensive summary of industrial thought. "Sun Zhongshan’s industrial ideology including industrial salvation thought, the development of advanced productive forces thought, industrialization thought and open economic thought," Ma Min said: "the economic ideology is open for him to prejudge the trend of economic globalization based on, has a solid ideological foundation and advanced historical perspective." Ma Min also stressed: "Sun Zhongshan’s industrial thinking is not fantasy." He pointed out that in the case of Wuhan, Sun Zhongshan mentioned "industrial plan" of Wuhan in the Yangtze River and Hanjiang River at the intersection of Hankou Dragon King temple area flood remediation program, remediation program, with the Yangtze River flood in 1998 after the same basic);相关的主题文章: