Informed sources Hengfeng bank does not plan to suspend mutual deposit business mia farrow

Informed sources: Hengfeng bank does not plan to suspend mutual deposit business of sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The insider said, "the so-called joint custody was halted, pure nonsense." Today (September 30th) the media reported that Hengfeng bank will give up P2P platform funds depository business, online depository system platform may return within 3 months. Mustang finance learned from informed sources, the news is not true. Hengfeng bank has no plans to suspend the Internet Financial depository business. Moreover, according to the informed sources, Hengfeng bank worked with regulators through the channel, P2P platform funds depository business is not illegal. Joint depository was stopped? At present the bank with the P2P platform funds depository cooperation has three modes, namely bank direct, direct deposit pipe and joint custody. The CBRC recently issued "the network lending funds depository business guidelines (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "guidelines") pointed out that "the depository bank should not be outsourced or borne by the partner institutions, shall not be entrusted to net loan institutions and the third party agency issued by and the borrower transaction settlement fund account." Some people think that, regulators denied the joint management model. However, the person familiar with the matter said to the Mustang finance, co management mode has been upgraded to version 2, after communication with the regulatory, in line with the guidelines requirements. The insider to the Mustang Finance said that net loan platform Hengfeng bank early signing of the depository, the user account in the third party payment companies, it does not meet the guidelines. However, the joint custody after version 2 Hengfeng bank and other banks, and although the third party payment, but the third party payment companies just do some help, such as payment etc.. User accounts, investment and other operations are changed by the bank to operate. This is in full compliance with the guidelines. The source believes that the so-called "joint custody was halted, pure nonsense." At present, the joint custody refers to the platform party will open trading funds special account in the bank, will replace the original customer money payment institutions imprest accounts in the third party approach by the bank funds to the special account of the customer transaction depository. When P2P lending transactions occur, the platform will be the first time the project information, user information, transaction information and other information necessary for timely delivery to the bank, the bank for information recording and subsequent verification using trading funds. The third party payment just as technical assistance, providing payment and settlement, technical consultation, service customization, operation and maintenance services, to assist the CCB more efficiently complete all borrowing funds between the lender and the borrower’s depository account transfer. Prudential Bank adhere to this pattern, called "Hengfeng mode". According to the "south weekly" reports, China recently released the payment clearing Association "Chinese payment and settlement industry report (2016)", "Hengfeng Bank net loan platform funds depository program has become the Internet financial capital management theory相关的主题文章: