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I don’t like vegetables that I don’t like! Sohu – maternal food supplement to recommend today is it thicker than some rice porridge, and unlike the Steamed Rice so hard is very suitable for baby from rice to Steamed Rice to transition don’t underestimate him making simple, fast and nutritional value is not lost in addition to this, there is a big advantage is that we can choose some kind of baby usually special love ingredients then Shundaizhao add one or two babies do not eat vegetables so as not to worry about the baby in the production of such rice eaters, I rarely use Steamed Rice usually add some grains inside add some vitamin B on the development of the nervous system is good but also conducive to the growth of skeletal age the baby food supplement to taste, taste have Has the idea of time when rice eat, some time just want to eat noodles for a change to the baby often try it ~ shrimp with vegetables stew recipe: 6 prawns, potatoes, corn, cucumber 65g 80g 60g, 60g, 85g, carrot rice, brown rice seasoning: oat 15g 15g method: fried, cooked a little salt cook the reference month age: more than 12 months (if the baby is not corn, fear of choking, saves the corn) difficulty: no difficulty for the ingredients that are not allergic to the baby. * * 1: preparation and practice 6 prawns, potatoes, corn, cucumber 65g 80g 60g, carrot 60g, rice 85g, 15g, 15g, 2 oat rice will slice the potato, corn snapping grain, carrots, cucumber and cut into cubes, then a bowl alternate. 3 prepare a bowl of rice. PS: careful mom will find that not only is the rice bowl Oh, oatmeal and brown rice. In order to let the baby eat more nutritious food, I usually cook will add some coarse, but his mother should pay attention to some not cooked whole grains, such as brown rice, oats, need to soak! And each time to add the kind of not too much, the one or two can be, to prevent the baby does not digest. 4 prawns, shrimp and cut out line. 5 heat the pan pour a little oil, add shrimp and stir fry until color. 6 add diced carrots and corn kernels. 7 and then pour into the cucumber and potato chips together. PS: the shrimp taste very fresh, and a little salty, if the baby can accept such salt free foods best not salt. A little baby can choose to add a little salt to taste. 8 wok stir fry until half cooked, the rice into the pot. 9 along the edge of the pan into the amount of water, simmer cook. 10 after the water, almost like this. 11 always simmer until the sauce is dry, you can dish out to enjoy the baby. Here we should pay attention to it, the soup should receive some dry, otherwise it becomes rice soup.相关的主题文章: