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Huobian panoramic camera Insta360 Nano gains CES Innovation Award – Global Science and technology Sohu more than 11 scoop 16 days: U.S. local time on the morning of November 10th, Insta360 Nano won the 2017CES Innovation Award for the news, the Shenzhen star 90 entrepreneurial companies are lit to the next generation of new products to market. After all, the real innovation is not only reflected in the selection process, the more important is that the company continues to introduce new products online. As of now, the disruptive innovation product Insta360 Nano has been exported to 104 countries and regions, only China area market share as high as 76.7%, and is widely used in news, tourism, real estate, activities, parties, weddings and other industries, and the industry is expected in the next generation of products will be fully detonated a panoramic camera the emerging consumer electronics category. Who: VR panorama subvert all as an international authoritative exhibition of traditional CES, the international consumer electronics show innovation award known as the "Olympic electronic" reputation, aims to reward those who have made outstanding contributions in the exquisite design and artificial intelligence products and technology. Insta360 Nano as the world’s first mobile phone adapter iPhone, apple MFi certification of the panoramic camera, by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak · known as the "great product". It gets the official recommendation of the world’s largest SNS platform Facebook, creating a "everyone is a photographer VR" civilian era. Plug shot, no post, real-time splicing, share a key to the easy handling of the social network, the VR technology is no longer on the panorama. Since its birth, it is expected that VR technology can subvert the existing content of the film and television industry in the form of a new visual record. However, so far the mainstream professional equipment are also faced with high prices, shooting difficult, complex post-processing and other embarrassing situation. And if there is not enough good content, VR industry can not break the chicken or the egg before the vicious circle. Therefore, the VR industry, the biggest subversive significance of Insta360 Nano is to provide consumers with the most convenient tool to create VR content (VR UGC). Create content in the user (UGC) to the social networking platform is becoming more and more popular today, a convenient production and VR content of the panoramic camera, the VR industry may skip the professional level, the rapid spread of user education, enter the UGC outbreak stage. Nano’s innovation lies in the fact that it has enabled consumers in different industries to record and share what is happening in a 360 degree, no dead angle. Whether it is the story of the U.S. presidential election stalemate, or NPC and CPPCC, G20 during the event, people’s daily, Chinese news agency, and other mainstream media have adopted 3K ultra high definition Nano panorama news and live broadcast. Double week, Premier Li Keqiang in the first Zhang Quanjing Nano photographed photo is more popular. America famous相关的主题文章: