Hunt autumn files loses Cao Baoping I’m not art director

"Hunt" autumn files loses Cao Baoping: I’m not art director of Shenzhen Evening News reported on September 21st (Shenzhen evening news reporter Li Jingyu) Mid Autumn Festival holiday period, the mainland film market is still not a miracle, continue to slump. Mid autumn day box office 208 million yuan, down from last year’s $300 million to $1/3. It seems that after the summer box office cold, in September the shadow of the city also can not fire, "golden nine silver ten" basic game. To 270 million yuan at the box office leader of the "westward journey 3" reputation is not good, is completely reasonable. "The murderer is" good reputation but failed to set off the climax of the box office, is contrary to expectation. As of press time reporter, "Xing" is at the box office 88 million 400 thousand yuan, is expected to exceed the total box office last year’s Cao Baoping "sun burning heart". You know at the Shanghai Film Festival the film reflecting bursting with popularity, even the group’s visit has numerous reporters to get admission to watch the door. How does billions of dollars? For the box office, Cao Baoping said to the media: the box office has not been their own value, I am most concerned about is that I presented to the audience of the story, whether to reach a standard, whether the audience recognized." At the box office and art? "Art is sometimes ugly rhetoric of" Cao Baoping "in the" new pupil also release before the highly anticipated. However, compared to last year, "sun burning heart" first weekend also easily billions of dollars, "the murderer" achievement is not ideal. There are fans of evaluation: Director Cao Baoping talent still, "and" sun burning heart "is completely different, return to the" glorious anger "style, absurdity, banter, irony, black, rough, funny and sad, still strong, and more interesting." Currently, the film scored 7.5 points on the watercress, still a rare score in the domestic film. The face of the 2016 fall again in the China shadow city, Cao Baoping said: "I think we need to calm down, a good story, a good story is the key." However, the reality is that China fans of the "Westward Journey" in 3 than "higher interest" the murderer who, perhaps even who take a "Godfather", in China may not be able to hit. When asked about the "murderer" also at the box office, Cao Baoping told reporters: the box office has not been valued their own, I am most concerned about is the story I presented to the audience, whether to a standard, if the audience recognition." Cao Baoping also stressed that he is not a "art film director, because he felt that this term is used up, a lot of movies have a very ugly rhetoric of the director:" I’ve always said I took a drama, but I want to put some personal attitude and expression in them. I also believe that the quality of the film is definitely a market, the audience love to see." The actor making machine? "I’m just a bridge" last year "" sun burning heart let Duan Yihong, Deng Chao and Guo Tao three starring also won the Jin Jue prize winner, and Liu Ye this year, 2 year 4 winner is amazing. To be described as "winner manufacturing machine", Cao Baoping is very modest: "don’t say so, who is the Savior who. I think they all have their own "potential, I just built a bridge to let them through, only this." Moreover, he said he did not discover the talents of exclusive secrets,""相关的主题文章: