Hunan, a group of zombie government website dachiyouxiang

Hunan Beijing informed a number of "zombie" government website – Xinhua News Agency Changsha September 17th news (reporter Tan Chang) Hunan provincial government office recently informed the province’s 41 problems existing in the government website, one of the few grassroots website "zombie" "open window" phenomenon. Informed that the general office of the Hunan provincial government on August 15th to 25 on the provincial government website conducted random checks. Hunan province in the scope of the national government website information submitted to the system is in normal operation of the government website, sampling rate of 12%, a total of random checks of 346. According to reports, the sample pass rate of 88.15%, compared with the previous sampling has improved. However, the spot checks also found prominent problems in the government website 41, mostly concentrated in the following basic units. Including Xiangxi, Fenghuang County market and website administration of Quality Supervision Station "open window"; Huayuan County Civil Affairs Bureau website has not been updated for more than 1 years; Shaoyang City Shuangqing District Public Security Bureau website more than one column content inaccurate. In addition, some of the site should not be closed to the management of non-standard notification. Yongding District of Zhangjiajie city after Yang Hu Ping Zhen, Yongding district government website town government website, Xiangxi, Luxi County food and Drug Administration website submitted for shutting down the relevant departments, district website has not been audited, related websites shut down to complete the program itself did not stop updating, become a "zombie" website. Notification requirements Hunan departments at all levels to strictly implement the responsibility of self-examination and rectification; establish and improve the normalization of supervision mechanism; strict standards and procedures to shut down the website; Internet message handling work; strengthen the linkage of government portal website at all levels and相关的主题文章: