Huang Jianxiang met Ronaldo brokers staged apprentice speed and

Huang Jianxiang meets apprentice C Luo broker staged speed and passion when Sina entertainment news [micro-blog] Huang Jian Xiang Luo disciples encounter C beauty agent, two people in Jiangsu TV [micro-blog] "one-stop" stage impact what kind of spark? This Monday evening sunshine boy Wang Yao is a football commentator, but he only fight for the hearts of Torres; and "one-stop" C Ronaldo China District beauty agent, she and Yao Wang staged a version of the answer speed and passion. When Huang Jianxiang encounters apprentice C Luo beauty broker Yao Wang: I want to beat you on behalf of Torres C Luo Yao Wang is "keywords have too strong". Many people mistakenly think that he is DJ, but his occupation is a football commentator, B-Box (beatbox) is his hobby, he even put work commentary and B-BOX integration. In Jiangsu satellite TV, "one stop in the end" stage, the handsome boy lively and confident. The opening of a sporty B-Box light, the master is the famous football commentator Huang Jianxiang, "my teacher told me that as long as the real football commentator can find their own style of interpretation way, will let you love me, love is B-Box, to put the two together, to find their own style." The guy poker-faced said, he wants to bring fans "have too strong, not sway with their own commentary style, will hit the ground" feeling. Huang Jianxiang has also come to a stop in the end, the answer, but also stand up to the final performance. The guy said the Master explained, if a station in the end, send him a Torres Autographed jersey. For this guy to go all the way, all the way forward, until the encounter C Luo broker Celine. The Celine keyword is "the devil", introduces himself: "I am the fashion week catwalk models behind the broker." According to reports, she served as Liu Wen, Zhang Liang and other famous [micro-blog] agent, now in charge of the model is C Ronaldo, Russian supermodel girlfriend Elena, because Elena had a relationship with C Ronaldo, she also served as the C Chinese District Manager luo. In the face of the mature beautiful female agent, Yao Wang he said: not resigned to playing second fiddle, provocative "I love Torres more than C Ronaldo, today I will beat you on behalf of Torres C ronaldo." "One stop" on the speed and passion of Luo Kexin: Zhou Tao, Yang Feng, Du Zheng, Zhang Ze, they are my "man behind the" Luo Kexin is Jiangsu TV station "the end" loyal fans, more than four years each fall, so the fate of the "one-stop" of the "God" tonight, she only for their own "God". Self introduction, Luo Kexin girl beside himself with excitement, she said: "I try to" one-stop "people with even paying attention to their circle of friends, basically I like kuangmo role is in their circle of friends, such as Zhou Tao’s children can swim, Yang Feng has grown. Zhang Ze has been known as the eighteen line red birthday, in recent weeks Zhuocheng bear teacher and I will study Yu Lei ah, to praise them." Luo Kexin).相关的主题文章: