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How many times in the end? Why torture female officials repeatedly adultery with others – Sohu comments on August 26th, the Yunnan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department website news release, deputy director of the Lijiang Tourism Development Commission Ma Liyuan serious violation was dismissed from office. (August 27th surging network) in the official discipline bulletin, which is a violation of the discipline of life Ma Liyuan, repeatedly and other people have improper sexual relations. Speaking of improper sexual relations with female officials and others have been considered rare, because the media had already been disclosed many times. However, although the official XiMoRuJin type with a pen, but the WHO improper sexual relationship, why the occurrence of improper sexual relations, or sparked endless speculation. As is known to all, " improper sexual relations with others " in fact, is often said adultery. In short, the two sides or one side has a spouse of the male and female voluntary sexual relations. That being the case, then the female officials who can have sexual relations with voluntary? Who is so " can let the charm of " as the deputy director of the female officials yishenxiangxu, and whether such as netizens speculation is the female officer superiors or subordinates? This is not the case behind the relationship between the right to take the right or color trading, I believe that with the progress of the investigation of the case will be the truth. In particular, the official notice that Ma Liyuan is a serious relationship with others, and this " multiple " which gives people a lot of imagination. This is " multiple " how many times, because the number of Trinidad and Tobago not remember, or too often there is no number available. There is a number of times and other people have improper sexual relations, the " others " is the same man, or a different man. In fact, in the end how many times, in the end is how many men, which is no essential difference between nature, but also does not hinder the discipline of its qualitative. It is the bully female male " " PA; one man, grab the liner and the greedy sedan completely unmasked. From the perspective of equality between men and women, whether officials adultery is male or female, the improper sexual relations are exposed between the officials and the specific power caused by the destruction of fornication, is not only the moral ethics and both sides of the family, have the power to run the rule itself, but also seriously discredit the image of cadres. From the personal point of view, Ma Liyuan himself is a victim, not only facing public face expulsion, family breakdown, this can not blame others, blame yourself to just live up to the organization’s expectations and family trust. The author believes that the matter is a violation of honest discipline, or in violation of discipline, so that the violation of national laws and regulations, only that it did not understand " flowers fragrant and beautiful, clean and noble officer. " the common sense of ordinary people. From the report dismissed from the action, although it is not a party member, without party standards themselves, but as public servants, also should abide by the civil law provisions, but did not know their " serve the people wholeheartedly, as " " model.相关的主题文章: