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He Saifei denounced small meat Poser: packaging not only know kung fu Sina entertainment news today, "meat economy" has become the entertainment of normal production, the mad chase of little meat leads to the meat of their worth soared, but some of the household of the old drama of bone are worth far less than the descendants of a green hand. But this "fresh power" status is reasonable? Not long ago, CCTV news channel has been criticized over some small fresh meat for a high popularity acting but could not get professional recognition. And in the evening of September 26th (Monday) 22:00 broadcast of Zhejiang satellite TV (micro-blog), the word value war, this issue is discussed. In the show, "old play bone" He Saifei in the field of emotional questioning "meat actor only packaging does not work on the role, but broke a little meat temporarily free to change the play, the audience surprised. After discussions, Zhou Jie is also behind the words He Saifei, said "meat" not only the color value. He Saifei accosted the little meat Poser: what people! "Red lantern" in Mei Shan, "big family" in Yang Jiuhong, "sourdrang secret history" in harjol mentioned, actor He Saifei, is fully deserve the hearts of the audience "old drama of bone". In He Saifei’s view, "as an actor is to experience", she referred to himself from the "flowers" to "grow old play bone", had suffered a lot, in the TV series "secret history" sourdrang when she fell to the ground for one action is repeated several times in different angles repeatedly try; because of the high requirements on their own, often filming injured, "hit three needles closed would stand up, after three days on the fly to France to shoot", and this ability is now suffering so many little meat to do. In fact, He Saifei questioned the little meat are not without reason, all the year round in the filming, He Saifei also met a lot of little meat, for the debate on the "power" of this topic, little meat He Saifei proposed directly heart discontent: "a lot of" little meat "to the old play bone gesture itself, not efforts in acting, just thinking about how to become famous, rely on something else to packaging." She also spoke about his experience in the studio: the old actor in the scene are here, little meat to be long in coming, spent half a day to play, the latter was because I think the scenes too little and the requirement to change the play. For this in the studio is not dedicated attitude, He Saifei in the program said excitedly against, loudly questioned its rationality, bluntly: "this is what the people!" What the "wayward" and "little meat" who is it? Zhou Jie He Saifei’s "Pearl" behind the casting elimination rate of 600 than 1 although the old drama of bone was unsatisfactory, but little meat they also have their own ideas. In the program, "the main meat team" Wang Xi playing the "Quxianjiuguo", He Saifei was also praised the little meat, can play many roles also cannot do without the yen value credit. But He Saifei did not budge, bluntly: "to find the intrinsic shape, hard to find, how many beautiful actors? Definitely more than us相关的主题文章: