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Haoran: finance investment strategy rangebound how do short-term profits for the client to view the latest market data released Wednesday is not important, the fundamentals remain stable, we see that the foreign exchange market and the precious metals market, the end of the day’s trend to shock. In yesterday’s comments, we have clearly stated that the current market is in the range of shocks, the need for changes in the fundamentals, in order to shake out the pattern. The volatility in the market, to throw a high bargain hunting strategy is more appropriate. If the daily line is shaking, it should be operated in smaller cycles, such as four hours or an hour, which is more suitable for the market. And usually short term, mainly based on intra day trading. Dollar index closed 95.32, down 0.25%. Technical analysis, the U.S. dollar index out of the triangle finishing, has come to an end, facing a breakthrough. The breakthrough is likely to happen after the Fed’s interest rate decision is announced next week, regardless of whether the Fed raises interest rates, the dollar will choose the direction of the breakthrough. At present, the possibility of upward breakthrough is very large. No matter what direction to break, before the break, because the daily level of the direction is not clear, take small cycle of day operation, seize the short-term opportunities. Most of yesterday’s non US currency out of the bottom recovery trend, gold and silver sideways, volatility is relatively small, not much trading opportunities. The euro traded against the dollar, the pound and the dollar, ending the day’s trading. Recently, commodity currencies fluctuate widely, and the Australian dollar, the dollar, the dollar, the Canadian dollar, the trend of the downward trend are relatively strong, is expected to continue to decline in these currencies, space, can be used as important operating varieties in recent days. The next week the Federal Reserve monetary policy meeting will be held, before the sensitive time period, Fed officials about into silence. It’s a thankless task to speak and point out at this point. The current Federal Reserve’s monetary policy is very puzzling, but also elusive, raising interest rates for a while, not raising interest rates for a while, doves, Hawks for a while, investors make it difficult to think about. Originally said in 2016, the four hike, so far has not, do not know the wolf game, how long can you play? The Fed seems to use oral interest rates to keep the dollar in good order, so that the financial markets will run in the direction that the Fed wants. This is also very rare in history. No wonder the United States presidential candidate Trump, criticized the Fed halt the troops and wait to support the Obama administration. In fact, the Federal Reserve officials, the heart is very tangled, to the current market conditions, the interest rate is not, no interest rate hike is not good, it is a dilemma. In today’s market, gold and silver will continue to maintain a sideways trend, foreign exchange market, most of the species will maintain the volatility of the stock market, commodity currencies are relatively active, relatively large fluctuations. In addition, the Bank of England [micro-blog] will announce the latest interest rate decision at 19:00 tonight, and the market is expected to keep interest rates unchanged. The US producer price index for August will be released tonight, retail sales in August.

昊然:天时金融投资策略 区间震荡怎么做日内短线最适合 客户端 查看最新行情   周三没有重要的数据公布,基本面也保持平稳,我们看到外汇市场和贵金属市场,以震荡结束了一天的走势。在昨日的评论当中,我们已经明确的阐述,目前市场处于区间震荡,需要基本面的变化,才能走出震荡的格局。在震荡行情中,采取低吸高抛的策略,是比较合适的。如果日线出现震荡的话,应该以更小的周期操作,比如四小时或者一小时来进行交易,更能适合市场。而且通常都是短线的,以日内交易为主。   美元指数收盘95.32,下跌0.25%。技术面来分析,美元指数所走出的三角形的整理,已经接近尾声,面临突破。突破的契机,有可能出现在下周美联储的利率决定公布之后,不管美联储是否加息,美元都将选择突破的方向。目前的情况来看,向上突破的可能性非常大。不管向什么方向突破,在突破之前这段时间,由于日线级别的方向并不明确,采取小周期日内操作,把握短线机会。   昨日大部分非美货币走出了探底回升的走势,黄金和白银横盘震荡,波动幅度比较小,没有太大的交易机会。欧元兑美元、英镑兑美元都是以震荡行情,结束了一天的交易。近期商品货币波动幅度较大,澳元兑美元、纽元兑美元、美元兑加元,下跌走势走势都是比较强的,,预计这些货币,还有继续下跌的空间,可以作为近几天重要的操作品种。   由于下周美联储将召开货币政策会议,在敏感的时间段到来之前,美联储官员们闭口不谈,进入到缄默期。因为这个时候开口讲话发表观点,实在是吃力不讨好。当前美联储的货币政策非常令人费解,也令人捉摸不透,一会儿加息,一会儿不加息,一会儿鸽派,一会儿鹰派,令投资者难以琢磨。本来说好的2016年四次加息,到目前为止一次也没有,不知道这个狼来的游戏,还能玩儿多长时间?美联储似乎用口头加息来保持美元利好,从而令金融市场,往美联储所希望的方向运行。这种情况在历史上也非常罕见。难怪美国总统候选人特朗普,批评美联储按兵不动支持奥巴马政府。其实美联储官员们,心中也非常纠结,以目前的市场条件,加息不行,不加息也不好,实在是左右为难。   展望今天的市场,黄金和白银将继续维持横盘震荡的走势,外汇市场大部分品种也将维持震荡的行情,商品货币走势相对比较活跃,波动幅度比较大。另外,英国央行[微博]今晚19:00将公布最新利率决定,市场预期继续保持利率不变。今晚将公布的美国8月生产者物价指数,8月零售销售,比较重要,该数据将判断美国消费市场现况如何?投资者以金麟交易系统跟踪市场的时候,应该将交易的周期调整至四小时或者一小时,来适应市场目前的变化。   金麟交易系统投资策略:   澳元兑美元:日前单边下跌正在进行中,建议投资者采取金麟交易系统一小时交易信号入场做空,并依据资金管理规则控制仓位,严格设定止损位。   今天有如下经济数据和事件值得关注:   16:30英国8月零售销售   17:00欧元区8月消费者物价指数   19:00英国央行公布最新利率   20:30美国8月生产者物价指数   20:30美国8月零售销售   21:15美国8月制造业产出 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章: