Halloween do not play the Yin and Yang division to try Google super Meng Daguai game www.ddd138.com

Halloween do not play the Yin and Yang division of the game to try to play Google super Meng Halloween, the country has a ladder to the small partners to benefit. Google these two days home page doodle has changed into a super Meng Daguai games. The protagonist Momo is a magical meow star, Halloween, a large number of ghost invaded their school, grabbed her buddies. In order to protect the school, to save the little partner, Momo must fight off all the ghosts. Very simple rules of the game, each ghost appears head will show "-" "," "a" "V" symbol, game player only need to screen any position to draw the corresponding symbol can be eliminated. It is divided into five, respectively in the library, cafes, classrooms, gymnasium and classroom building on the roof in the scene, the difficulty of the game will in turn increase the ghosts will be more and more, the head of the symbol will be more complex. Hand fast enough and half-way dead buddy, can draw love to life. In an article, Google outlines the game’s behind the scenes production process and points out that the original idea was to make a game about a cat before turning it into a wizard school. This is a lovely browser game, but it can also operate on VR devices.相关的主题文章: