Gansu 11 people raped spree caught scenes of exposure (Figure) ratatouille

Gansu 11 people raped spree caught scenes of exposure (Figure) captured the scene (photo) original title: 28 years ago, silver "killing spree" Gao Chengyong arrested Gansu daily news August 28th (Lanzhou morning news reporter Zhao Ye) in August 27th, the Ministry of Public Security said that since 1988, in 14 consecutive years of rape, killing more than women Gao Chengyong suspects arrested in Baiyin in Gansu province. Gao Chengyong confessed to the crime, "8· OPULENS; 05" series of female rape murder case successfully solved. This is detective since the Ministry of public security criminal investigation bureau to carry out difficult backlog crucial action and influential cases in the country together. From 1988 to 2002, Gansu province Baiyin district has many incidents of rape female serial homicide cases, the first case of more than 28 years. In the meantime, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Kundulun District, Baotou city also occurred in similar cases, criminal means of crime is very cruel, not only rape and killing of women, the cutting knife is the female reproductive organs, tissues, the victim in the youngest only 8 years old, extremely bad social impact, causing a serious panic in the local. In August 2001, the case was classified as cases to the Ministry of public security. In August 5, 2004, the Ministry of Public Security Organization expert consultation on the case, the Baiyin and Baotou both the case and the case, identified as "8· OPULENS; 05" series of female rape murder case. Although the public security organs at all levels to crack the case, but the case has not made substantial breakthroughs. In December 18, 2004, the Lanzhou morning news to do a report on the case, when the Baiyin Public Security Bureau has announced to the public a "Baiyin Public Security Bureau cracked series of rape murder case Publicity Outline", that there is a "killer silver". Police announced the case at the same time, a reward of 200 thousand yuan to collect clues to the whole society, in order to solve the case as soon as possible. Because of the cruel means, bad social impact, long have not broken, by the public security department for machine on August 2001 governor cases. In March 2015, the Provincial Public Security Bureau decided to restart the investigation work, provincial and municipal public security organs devote, dispatched elite experts, closely around the two aspects of fingerprint and DNA to carry out the investigation work. Recently, the Provincial Public Security Bureau through the DNA-Y chromosome test, initially identified the suspect, fingerprints and DNA after further comparison, ultimately determine the suspect Gao Chengyong (male, Han nationality, born 10 November 1964, Gansu Yuzhong County, married, graduated from high school, ID number is 6201231964111000**, the domicile of the river village of Yuzhong County of Lanzhou City Green Town No. 428). In August 26th, police in Baiyin Industrial school canteen will be arrested. After initial interrogation, the suspect Gao Chengyong of the rape murder crime from 11 in May 1988 to February 2002, killing 11 people confessed to the crime. At present, the follow-up investigation of the case is carried out in an orderly manner.相关的主题文章: