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Foreign media: Philippines Philippines joint military drill to avoid unpleasant Chinese termination of Philippines’s president Rodrigo · Duthel Te says 28 days, is scheduled to be held next month in the US Philippine joint military exercise will be the last of a long-term ally of the joint military drill. The "Wall Street journal" website reported on 28 September, Walter is trying to avoid that China uncomfortable, hopes to establish a closer relationship between trade and investment. He also said he would end routine maritime joint patrols in the South China sea. During a two day state visit to Vietnam, Duthel Te told the audience of about 350 Philippines in Hanoi: "I want to tell you now that this will be the last military exercise." However, the Philippines leader reiterated that the cooperation between the United States and the United States will continue. Duthel Te said: "I will retain a military alliance, the US Philippine mutual defense treaty signed between our two countries in early 50s"." Reported that Philippines and the United States military treaty has not been amended shortly before, to allow more U.S. troops stationed in the country for a longer time. Duthel Te said he would end routine patrols in the South China Sea, which could also lead to a military conflict between China and the United States, Philippines involved. He said: "if the battlefield in San Francisco or China, then I think no problem." Duthel Te held talks with Vietnamese President Chen Daguang and met with other leaders of the country to discuss bilateral issues such as trade and security. Vietnam and Philippines last year totaled $2 billion 930 million, a decrease of 2% over the previous year. Philippines is one of Vietnam’s largest rice export markets. Duthel Te said military exercises with the United States could undermine his efforts to improve relations with china. In recent years, with Manila trying to strengthen its claims to the waters of the South China Sea, Philippine relations have deteriorated. Chinese is declared to the Sea sovereignty, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei also to put forward the claim parts of the sea. Earlier in September, the Philippines army invited U.S. troops to hold joint exercises in October. Shortly after, Duthel Te has asked the U.S. military advisers will leave Philippines the rest of the southern island of mindanao. He said the presence of U.S. military advisers has hampered efforts to reconcile the Muslim rebels. Duthel Te said he plans to establish a trade union with China and russia. He had ordered the Secretary of defense for the purchase of military equipment to Russia and Chinese suppliers to combat drug traffickers and rebels. Reported that since taking office in June 30th, Duthel Te has published provocative remarks against U.S. President Obama, the United Nations and the European union. For Western criticism he launched a bloody drug war, he was furious. According to police data show that Philippines drug war has killed more than 3000 people. Reported that, however, Duthel Te’s words and deeds are also afraid to foreign investors have fled the country, resulting in the Philippines stock market fell, the Philippines Peso against the dollar this week also fell to its lowest level since September 2009. (compile Wang Lei)相关的主题文章: