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"Forbes" announced the ten highest income ranked actress   Fan Bingbing in the fifth row, entertainment channel, original title: Fan Ye old domineering! The world’s most profitable female star of "NO.5" Forbes released the ten highest income ranking China female star actress who will make money most recently, Zhao Wei, Xun Zhou, or Ruby Lin is not?. Or Fan Ye most fishing gold endorsements received mercy, film and TV fee is not low, and the commercial income, Fan Bingbing is one of the most profitable domestic actress will. The United States authoritative magazine "Forbes" recently announced the world’s highest paid actress, Fan Bingbing to $17 million in annual revenue ranked fifth, becoming the only Chinese on the list. It is reported that Fan Bingbing boarded the list for two consecutive years. Netizens have said Fan Ye is Fan Ye, fishing gold so domineering. People on the list, ranked fifth according to Hongkong media reports, the U.S. magazine "authoritative financial Forbes" (Forbes) recently announced the top ten highest paid actress (The World’s Highest-Paid Actresses 2016), the list was performed by "the Hunger Games" series, "America’s sweetheart" Jennifer? Laurence topped the list with $46 million. Famous American comedian Melissa macassey? Take the $33 million revenue came in second, the top of Laurence less than $13 million. Scarlett, the black widow, ranked third with $25 million in revenue for the year of. And Fan Bingbing to $17 million in revenue ranked fifth, the only list of chinese. The ten highest income actress, delineation of the category is "actress", that is to say, this list is mainly to see the actress who works income, Fan Bingbing starred in "legend" and other hit series later, have high reputation in the Chinese circle, high income, in the Hollywood film "Pirates of the Caribbean shaking" ever appeared in "later legend" lens, visible the drama in the Chinese market and the spread and influence of high. How to get the queen of the topic of gold, although since his debut, Fan Bingbing is the Chinese entertainment worthy of the topic queen". The United States, "Forbes" magazine published the world’s highest paid actress list, so that all of a sudden become an absolute winner in life, "said Fan Bingbing. Did not fall in love before, Fan Bingbing said: I did not want to marry into the rich, I am rich." After falling in love, Fan Bingbing said: "I am responsible for the breadwinner, Li Chen responsible for the beautiful flowers." Now Fan Bingbing, no longer has the "Golden Queen" but the full range of children’s fashion darling. Whether it is the film festival red carpet or a brand endorsement will be able to see her shadow, and our Fan Ye is with the spirit of "universal love" of the brand, whether it is a luxury fashion jewelry or sunglasses can see her mobile phone, statistics of the key brands at her endorsement of the brand value has more than one hundred billion. To Fan Ye by two people to publish romance, is not only the single child dead dog. Of all the known investments in Fan Ye, the earliest is相关的主题文章: