Focus on affordable housing violations distribution illegal distribution of green light and more

Focus on low-income housing illegal distribution: illegal distribution lights where vulnerabilities – released Beijing People’s vision of the National Audit Office on the "2015 affordable housing project tracking audit results" show that last year there were 58 thousand and 900 households hidden income, housing and other information through the audit or not should exit exit, enjoy the urban housing monetary subsidies 60 million 462 thousand and 500 yuan, affordable housing Shiwupeizu (sale) regulations 37 thousand and 700 sets, 6544 sets of affordable housing is illegal sales, or for the office of foreign rental business. Construction of affordable housing, in order to protect and improve people’s livelihood, promote social harmony and stability, must not be allowed to stay in the low-income persons should be kept outside the door. How to effectively block the access to affordable housing distribution, publicity, management, exit and other aspects of the loopholes, to ensure that the livelihood of the people a solid landing policy? Please pay attention to this issue of people’s livelihood, the report. The editor — "open luxury cars, smoking a furongwang, lived in low-income housing to low-income housing" cheat "stubborn" "live in low-income housing may not necessarily low income groups. I have people driving luxury cars, smoking furongwang lived in low-income housing. There is a friend, get three sets of affordable housing, their own living, two sets of sublet. I like such a low income, and nothing more, the honest line to a low-income housing, but it is not easy to." Jiangxi low-cost housing tenants complained to reporters. Affordable housing is an important part of the housing supply system, mainly for urban low-income families to provide housing security. The lease type of low-income housing, also known as public rental, national security object to a certain percentage of the rent subsidies; the sale of low-income housing including affordable housing and capped-price housing, the price is lower than the market price, sold to satisfy certain conditions in order to make up the difference. Low-income housing allocation and use of non-compliance phenomenon is not a case, has become the mid ban every year, recurrence of chronic illness". "12th Five-Year" period, our country has built urban housing affordable housing projects 40 million 130 thousand units, hundreds of millions of people move into new homes. But in this, but also mixed with the cheat room, cheat fill, illegal occupation of housing to protect public resources, and profit from. Audit data show that a total of 1238 families are not eligible to enjoy the violation of affordable housing 559 units in 2015 in Guizhou Province, Anhui Province, illegal distribution of affordable housing 1899 units, Hunan Province, Xiangxiang and other 32 counties of 1446 security objects fails to timely exit, illegal access to affordable housing 464 sets, illegal to receive monetary subsidies 1 million 460 thousand and 300 yuan. Not only that, some people get access to affordable housing through a variety of ways, but also its illegal sublet, resale. In the reporter visited the Beijing City tool factory in Tongzhou District public rental, Yan Bao? The process of Liyuan public rental housing, low-cost housing and home projects, some residents reflect, there are still around low-income housing sublease phenomenon. According to regulations, low household thirty yuan a month, fifty yuan rent to the rent. Some people can not low households illegal cheat rent, transfer and rent out the house rent 1500 yuan, so it made the difference." A living in Beijing and low-cost housing tenants to.相关的主题文章: