Five departments issued a document to support industrial transformation and upgrading of old industr actv

The five departments issued a document to support the old industrial city and resource-based city — energy — original title: promoting the transformation and upgrading of the development of time-honored brand new original name and the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of land and resources and the National Development Bank, 5 days before the Department jointly issued "implementation of the opinions on support the transformation and upgrading of the old the industrial city and resources city industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), is the general idea, promote the city industry transformation and upgrading of the path of the implementation of key tasks and policy measures for the deployment. In accordance with the "opinions", to deepen reform and opening up, optimize the development environment, stimulate innovation and vitality as the focus, focus on optimizing the industrial structure, upgrade the "time-honored", the depth of the development of "original name", fostering the growth of the new name, to explore effective ways to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, new advantages of recycling industry, and strive to in 10 years, to establish and perfect the supporting industry to upgrade the endogenous dynamic mechanism, platform support system, the construction of modern distinctive industrial clusters. In support of the transformation of traditional industrial advantages, to promote intelligent and green services, technical innovation as the focus, vigorously implement the lean manufacturing and intelligent transformation pilot demonstration, promote the key areas of the basic realization of digital manufacturing; strength, degree, effective implementation of the "three to one drop fill" tasks, according to the law the elimination of iron and steel, coal and other raw materials industry overcapacity and disposal capacity; actively reduce the burden on enterprises, and promote the restructuring of enterprises and enterprises exit, guide elements to the advantage of enterprises, improve industrial concentration and market competitiveness; foster the development of characteristic industrial cluster. In the cultivation of new technologies, new industries, new models, new formats, focus on supporting the development of "China manufacturing in 10 key areas of 2025", and further promote the "Internet plus" action plan, increase the integration of innovative mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and other new generation of information technology, energy, and car equipment manufacturing, biological and other traditional advantages, encourage the development of innovative mode of civil military integration. Support enterprises through cooperation in the construction of innovation centers, mergers and acquisitions at home and abroad, such as R & D enterprises to improve R & D capabilities. In the process of industrial transfer and industrial cooperation, support the old industrial city of resource type city and actively undertake to extend the industrial chain, improve the technical level, promote the comprehensive utilization of resources, fully absorb the employment industry, the development of advantageous industries to support the industry leading enterprises; transfer of production capacity to the conditions of the city, leading enterprises supporting collaboration synchronous transfer; depth into the "The Belt and Road" strategy, support the development of international cooperation capacity, promote the advantages of industrial products, technology and standards of "bundling" going out; strengthen the construction of an open platform, optimize the structure of foreign investment, support and strengthen regional center city supporting industries, science and technology research and development and transformation, energy security cooperation in the field, the formation of dislocation development and division of labor cooperation pattern. To support the old industrial city and resource-based city in the relative concentration of the plots within the region to strengthen the two or three industry integration pilot cooperation and coordinated development, promoting the flow of factors and the integration of resources, strengthen the industry chain supporting convergence, promoting)相关的主题文章: