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Father and son cheated was stopped in bank remit money Beijing Chinese Jiangxi Nanchang News Network (reporter Xu Zhuo) September 29th, reporters from the Nanchang County Public Security Bureau was informed that recently, the Nanchang County police stopped a father and son cheated in a timely manner, the police found the father and son, they are ready to send money to the bank. The afternoon of September 3rd, the Nanchang County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police informed that a prosecution staff posing as fraud information, criminals through the PS to produce a "criminal" arrest "command", including "information involved" Wu’s name, ID number, case properties etc.. The police contacted the Wu father, he said: September 3rd 14 am, Wu received a claim to the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau police telephone, said Wu alleged illegal money laundering case, and asked him to put all his property to provide the so-called "security accounts" review. Wu told the father after the situation, the two people riding the electric car is ready to go to the bank to secure account money. Police immediately rushed to the bank to find Wu and his son, patience and Wu son explained, inform them of the normal legal process and points out the flaws in the scam. After listening, Wu and his son was profuse as if wakening from a dream to the police.相关的主题文章: