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Expert weapon children’s emergency treatment (Information Service Station) – Gansu channel: original title: expert advice for emergency treatment of children (Information Service) young children, common injuries, burns, drowning injuries and trauma, experts for children should first aid treatment suggestions. Third Military Medical University Xinqiao hospital emergency department director Zhou Renjie said, the children burst from drowning, we must first determine the drowning man unconscious, breathing and pulse, and then take appropriate emergency measures. For coma, respiratory no pulse, to clean up the nasal foreign body immediately, open the airway, breathing, chest compressions, and call 120. No coma, breathing pulse, similar to the "suspended animation", open the airway, breathing can be given. The drowning man breathing, but lateral position, waiting for rescue personnel. Coma, breathing pulse, should clean up nasal foreign body, stable lateral position, waiting for rescue personnel, close observation of breathing pulse, when necessary for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. For emergency treatment of burn and scald, Zhou stressed that the first time must use a lot of cold water wash, lasting about 20 to 30 minutes, then go to the hospital immediately. The more common ocular trauma is the children’s emergency events, for a small foreign body in the eye, parents should immediately stop the child eye rubbing behavior, emergency disposal of the child on the eyelids gently pull forward, let there be a space between the eyelid and eyeball, let the tears washed out foreign body, no one can do a few times. (AP) (commissioning editor Tong Wang and Shao Lan)相关的主题文章: