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"Electric trains + high-speed rail express" send fails to express delivery freight – Tianjin Beijing North news: "double 11" this year, the railway department launched the electricity supplier Golden Week "activities, two kinds of new products the full power of logistics services, high-speed rail express trains electricity providers. Up to 2.5 times during the period of "double 11" train loading capacity, Beijing Railway Bureau arranged 18 times EMU passenger compartment reserved, 1 times and 10 times the dynamic inspection of baggage cars, every day is expected to 70 tons of iron loading high express. In the past, we do not set aside the whole car, a car can be loaded up to 800 kg of express goods, at present, we set aside the whole car, up to a maximum of 2 tons, a trip to the car loading capacity increased by a factor of 2.5." Railway department responsible person said. It is reported that a special car to achieve separation of passenger and freight, the electricity supplier during the golden week, a key railway, the next morning was the product launch of the day. Taking Tianjin as an example, for high-speed rail express business from the TianJin West Railway Station, the same day shipment per kg by 4 yuan, the next morning was the express fee of 3 yuan per kilogram, ordinary express freight basically less than 20 yuan. Railway official said, in addition to the occurrence of natural disasters and other non responsible factors, where failed to deliver within the promised time limit for delivery of high-speed rail courier customers, exempt from the shipping costs, quality problems occur within 3 days can be paid in place. In addition, a special carriage placed the shipment, the staff has accompanied, to achieve separation of passenger and freight, guarantee the safety of goods. Electric transport large objects classes in addition to the high-speed express, Beijing Railway Bureau, Beijing Guangzhou, Beijing Shanghai, Beijing still route, train 4 electricity supplier trains. Each train has 15 cars, each of the 13 sections of each energy saving carrying capacity of 23 tons, each section of the small car carrying a load of 12 tons per day, according to the electricity supplier golden week of the calculation of the day, the volume of goods is expected to reach 13500 tons, an increase of up to 80% in. "Banleby high iron express delivery business express more, and express delivery of the goods to the high iron small objects, and business classes carrying items refrigerators, color TV, air conditioning and other large volume." Railway responsible person said. No credit goods 100% security to ensure the safety of the shipment, the railway departments in the implementation of security measures, to the credibility of a good electricity supplier courier companies, take credit security, loan agreement by the business enterprise self security, the focus of the goods in accordance with the sampling proportion of less than 10%. There is no credit for the electricity supplier companies, the 100% of its cargo security, to avoid dangerous goods into the car. In the loading process, the use of conveyor and cage container, avoid rough handling, ensure the goods in good condition. Related news courier 100% card posts "double 11" this year, Tianjin express volume increased significantly, the reporter from the city postal authority was informed that, at present, the postal express delivery enterprises amounted to more than 1500 outlets, postal workers more than 4 people, of which the first express delivery staff of about 3 million people. Postal Administration and other departments to carry out the dangerous and explosive goods delivery logistics special rectification action, in the implementation of the delivery channel acceptance test, real name, mailing machine security "three 100%". 100% cardholder authentication system of delivery personnel, from the source to add)相关的主题文章: