Driver crazy hit 9 cars caused by a total of 1 dead and 1 injured in the trial claiming to be the ca-lm3886

Crazy driver hit 9 vehicles caused 1 dead 1 injured tried claiming to blame alcohol – Beijing yesterday Han Meng (a pseudonym) in the third hospital trial photography reporter Wang Zhenlong last July 18th morning, Passat driver Han Meng (a pseudonym) retrograde hit a taxi, make a crazy move, he first stopped a car passing the Audi car, despite the blocked traffic police car left the scene, followed in 4 place, hit 9 cars, and killed one person, injured one person, until Audi cars because of the repeated impact can not travel, the end of Han Mengcai’s madness. Police subsequently confirmed Han Meng drunk driving. Yesterday morning, Han Meng in Beijing city court trial, he was charged with affray, crime of endangering public safety. Han Meng pleaded guilty, said he was "a fragment of the". The case was not in court for sentencing yesterday. Passat drivers staged a frantic scene in early July 18, 2015 9 pm, the driver Zhang Qiang (a pseudonym) driving a taxi traveling in a Chaoyang District intersection, collided with a black Volkswagen Passat sedan retrograde. Zhang Qiang off, waiting for the police to come to deal with. However, Passat driver Han Meng Zhang Qiang suddenly to abuse, even chased Zhang Qiang, then stopped the public Zhang Tao (a pseudonym) black Audi car driver, bash glass Zhang Tao off the threat. Several passers-by to press down on the ground, the police rushed to the scene after investigating the matter. Han Meng suddenly got up, Zhang Tao will be pushed to the ground, the police tried to stop his foot kick, jump on Zhang Tao’s Audi forcibly drove away from the scene. Passat driver driving a Audi car to escape on the way, hit a taxi, the taxi and other two car collision occurred. In a cell door, and hit two pedestrians, resulting in a nearly seventy years of pedestrian deaths, other pedestrians were injured, also collided with two cars. Subsequently, but also under the overpass hit two cars, Audi also damaged due to travel. At this time the police came to Han Meng captured. Charged with affray and endangering public safety Han Meng after appearing in court, after testing, blood alcohol content is 144.1 mg per 100 ml. After identification, the death of pedestrian with head injury caused by the accident, the relevant departments identified 8 vehicles damaged hit 9 vehicles, the amount of loss of nearly 190 thousand yuan, of which the Audi car losses more than 12 yuan. Yesterday morning, Han Meng in the court trial, the prosecutor believes that the defendant Han Meng in public drunkenness, abused, beaten, blocking others, any damage to the property of others, causing serious disorder in public places. Han Mengming told the drunk driving would endanger the public safety, traffic accidents have occurred in the case, continue to drive the vehicle along the continuous collision of pedestrians and vehicles, causing 1 deaths and 1 people were injured, many cars are damaged, should to disturb the crime and crime of endangering public safety in a dangerous way to pursue criminal liability. Before the accident had been "drinking fragments" Han Meng confessed that he had opened the car when serving in the army, has 10 years of driving experience, driving the Passat car as its own. Han Meng memories, the day of the incident around 3 in the morning, Han Meng and Peng Youlin相关的主题文章: