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Liang Zihao, a Taiwan doctor, can do more on the mainland than in Taiwan, a Taiwan surgeon who works at a cancer hospital in. (Taiwan Chinese Yin Sainan photo) Chinese Taiwan network October 31st Beijing news (reporter Wang Yiran) in a Beijing Cancer Hospital, Taiwan surgeon Liang Zihao is working on crutches to participate in the October 30th 2016 held eighth cross-strait Internet development forum. "What about your feet?" No reporter asked, Liang Zihao speed quickly replied: "to kick off the heel kick." "Did you do it on the mainland or in Taiwan?" Reporters continue to ask. "On the mainland do, play a ball of a broken heel pain know, the first time I call my wife — my wife in Taiwan, she told me to hurry back, I thought, why not do it here, many Taiwan compatriots in the mainland and Taiwan have a habit of going back to the sick. Taiwan, of course the main consideration is the economic factors, because Taiwan had health insurance. Most important, I fancy medical trust, I was in the hospital doctor, is responsible for some management work, is also responsible for the quality of medical work, but even I believe my own hospital, how can I ask the patient to trust my hospital?" Liang Zihao is 2009 to the mainland, Taiwan hospital was one of his teachers, as a newly established consultant, need to find a doctor in Taiwan to help establish their own surgery, operation room, and the medical quality system and process, because Liang Zihao in Taiwan work experience, so naturally think of him. "After coming to life is quite suitable, and did not go back." Working in mainland China for 8 years, Liang Zihao said that with the mainland colleagues and in Taiwan, the difference is not large. Is not the same in Taiwan, I just focus on my clinical work on it, do not need to do too much explanation. In mainland China, I may take some time, with my colleagues, I even below the doctor to communicate, tell them why I want to make such a decision, whether medical decisions or administrative decision, communication, most of my colleagues are able to accept, slowly imperceptibly, it has formed a good team. Communication skills between people, compatriots on both sides of the same text, nothing can not communicate." "Would you pay more on the mainland than in Taiwan?" The reporter asked a question that was not very polite. "A lot of doctors in Taiwan have asked me the same question. You have to pay at least double that salary! Now the idea is out of date. I work here in Taiwan and the income is almost the same, but the conversion of a different work environment, but I can do in the mainland than in Taiwan, not just a doctor. This is not the only factor, but the main reason is the opportunity." At present, Liang Zihao in addition to do his bank surgeon, but also do comprehensive medical care, as well as the wisdom of medical care and wisdom of the pension project consultant. "China is now the main city of smart city is the Ministry of housing and construction ministry, the Ministry of housing under the wisdom of the city joint laboratory, one of them相关的主题文章: